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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/11 rambling

  I have been really trying hard to find some gold, Peggy Gary and Matt was here last week.  Had a really great time with them prospecting and showing Matt some of the sights around Colo. He had never been here before so it was cool to see him taking it all in and being amazed with it all.  I do believe that if he could have he would have stayed.  We got to cache creek just west of granite and got right to setting up the equipment and digging a hole in the rocks.  Just for the record, this is hard work and keep your day job lol  We found alittle bit but it just wasn't a good producing hole.  I have since moved down a ways to another spot and have found some pretty good gold on my first test. Unfortunately I had to leave the next day to do laundry.  Was down to my last pair of skiffys and had to get gas, food, etc.  Talk about a pain to move all the equipment back to the trailer. Took allot of trips u guys!!!  :O)  Got the camp kid to help me, I told him I would make him a deer horn whistle and he was all for that.  He saw mine and thought that was the coolest thing he ever saw.  At least until the next cool thing :O)  He's a pretty good kid, trys hard to help out everyone he can.
  I have meet some interesting people here, some are disabled, some are just homeless and prospecting to make a living. Some are just there because they know there are other people there for company.  You can tell who is who there by the little clans that they form.  Some are just hobby miners with money to burn, some are the hippie type that are there for the party and the gold. then there is the serious guys that are for the gold and nothing else.  The camp host is a diff fella, will let you borrow anything and will always ask you to partner up with him.  lol  he Will supply the equipment but you have to do the digging and he doesn't for the most part but he gets the first pick of the buckets of concentrates lol  he's got it figured out I believe.   But he is a good guy I believe, he will ask everyone if they need anything when he goes to town and will pick it up for you.   
  Most of the regulars up there are ok people,  But I believe that given a chance they will take of advantage of a situation if presented to them.  Not that they are bad people but just down on there luck and trying anyway they can to keep themselves feed and going.
  Since I pulled out and will be gone most of today, according to the new law going into effect today, when i get back there I will have 14 new days to camp up there. I have 11 days left on my permit for high banking so I will be there until my permit runs out. Hopefully in the new hole I will be able to show you all some real gold in the bottle :O)  I meet a older gentlemen the other day by the new hole and we have been enjoying visiting with each other alot. When i told him I was pulling out for a few days he said he would keep a eye on my hole for me if he could get acouple of bucket for himself. told him to go for it.   really looking forward to getting back in there and seeing what its going to give me.
  I have allot more pictures to share with you all but for some reason the Internet here is not being very comparative.  Have to post them later.  Got to go so take care and be safe all  :O)

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