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Saturday, July 23, 2011

random pictures again

Found this chain saw in the true value store here in buena vista,  I think it just might be your speed Gary  LOL 

this is a gold mine head in victor Colorado, they are all over the place here. The whole town is undermined terribly bad. We meet a guy that told use that when they were done with the mine and it was about time to leave it, they would mine it the rest of the way up to "grass roots"  When they would hit roots they would stop digging to keep it from collapsing in on them.  Over time though, it gets weekend by the snows and water seeping through and the mines sometimes cave in. They can even cave in just by walking on the top of them, so when you in under ground mining areas you might just keep that in mind.  Some of the shafts go down hundreds and even thousands of feet into the earth.  there was a story that the guy told us, don't know just how true it is but as its told there was aguy there in victor that restored a classic car of some sorts, he kept it in his garage and one day he went to the garage to do something, opened the door and there was no car,  no floor even.  The garage had been built on top of a mine shaft that had been dug to "grass roots" and had caved in over night.  Talk about your bad luck....

This piece of machinery which is a air compressor pump I believe, was just sitting along the road up about 11500 ft up the side of this mountain. there was all kinds of stuff laying around, old bucket dredge parts, old vehicles, heavy equipment, yo name it it was up there.

hungry little guy, at 7 or 8 peanuts before scampering off. 

and they say that parts of Kansas are flat :O)  wasn't for the mountains in the back ground I think I could have seen white city's water tower and elevator lol

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