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Friday, July 1, 2011

rambiling again

  Going to have company this weekend and next week.  Looking forward to seeing them.   I have been just skipping around here and there this week waiting to meet up with Peggy Gary and Matt.  I was as you know over by fairplay for a while, headed back this way and stayed the night about half way back to buena vista on a co road.  then went on to buena vista and then right on threw to granite co.  Stopped and looked around that little mining town for  awhile then headed on up the road too leadville co. Seen some really cool old houses and museums.  Visited with some people and decided to head back too granite and check out cache creek where we are going to go gold prospecting while they are here.  Talked to some of the old timers about prospecting and how they were getting along out there gold wise.  They showed me some of their gold and it defiantly got me interested!!!  Found a pretty good spot I think, will have to tell you later after we dig big holes again lol 
  I spent the night up in the national forest above granite that night and talk about mosquitoes!!!  Again!!!  about ate me alive but the worst was yet to come the next night lol  anyway, got up and drove back down the mountain, stopped at the granite cemetery and looked at all the old head stone, some of them were really works of art.  
  I headed over the ridge to clear creek lake,  pretty little lake but around 4 or 5 in the evening you want to run to your camped and make sure that there are no holes anywhere or your going to get eaten alive by the millions of little tiny mosquitoes that thrive there!!!!  its horrible!!!  you can even feel them stick you, just afterwards when you feel the itch do your realize that you have been stuck!!   other than the mosquitoes, it a really nice place. Meet an old guy there that was real interesting to talk too. We both stayed a extra night because we were having such a good time bull sh*tn with each other lol 
  Met a couple from Arkansas there too,  they are living in there van since the lost there jobs there and are working there way back to Arizona. He's a pretty good artist (not as good as Terra :O)    but pretty good. He sells his art when ever they find a place that will let them set up a booth.  Not rich but they get by and they love the way they are living now.    

Anyway,  I will post some of my pictures later on, not sure when I will get the next chance to be on here while Peggy and Gary are here, will be doing some sight seeing and then prospecting. After they leave next week I am most likely going to stay up the since everything will be all ready set up and just keep on prospecting for at least another week. So it might be awhile before you hear from me.  Until then, be safe   :O)

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