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Sunday, July 24, 2011

people come and go :O)

  In our travels we have meet some really nice people on the road. Its funny how for the most part if your in a camper there is no such thing as a stranger, if you have a pet then that is a open invitation for people to walk up and introduce themselves so they can find out the name of your pet and then yours lol  

  I have meet allot of friendly people here in the rv park,  There is Fred and Vicki from Florida who I was parked next too, really nice and offered to haul cricket and I around where ever we needed to go so we wouldn't have to unhook our rv and drive it to town.
 Then there is Jim and Kristi who is from garden city ks,  visited with them quite a few times. They pulled out this morning but before they did they brought over some home made biscuits, peaches and some plums.  We exchange names and numbers and they told me to stop in anytime I was in town.  Really nice people. :O)  Wish I could have visited more with them.    On the way home I will have to stop in and say hi to them.

 James is the older fella back almost directly behind me across the drive,  he and his wife is from Tulsa Oklahoma,  we just sit in the shade and talk about anything and everything lol  mostly about places we have been and he likes to talk about his time at the gas company that he retired from.    Really interesting fellow. 

  Don and Jojo and their dog Bruno,   I have talked about them before but such good people that I thought that I could mention them again. 

  I was asking people for a while if I could take their picture to put on the blog but some of them shied away from it so I don't ask anymore.  Just easier this way.
  there is Mrs Johnson down the way with her little dog smokey,  she will talk your leg off about her grand kids lol  and about her little smokey but really nice and she told me to  stop in anytime when I get to Denver.  She cracks me up with some of her sayings and her cigar that she puffs on :O)

I cant remember his name, but he camps by the bathroom and he is a prospector too,  we have visited several times and when ever we see each other we holler eureka like we have found a gold nugget that will save us from poverty lol   quite the character...   

Just meet Evert and Sharron, they were trying to back their fifth wheel into their slot and was havn a really hard time of it, one of the rv workers even got into trying to back it in but was not havn much luck at it either, sooooo   being the type of  guy I am, I walked over and volunteered to help them out. They willingly gave up the Pu keys lol  just took a few maneuvers and I had it in there and I have been invited over for supper :O)    They are the only ones I have meet first then cricket got to meet them lol  
 Telling you all right now, if I run out of money or food all I will have to do is sit on a corner with a sign and cricket and we will be set with food and money and most likely a place to stay with in hours lol  (at least cricket will ) 

 There are countless other people here in the rv park that we talk too when we are on our walk abouts, cricket has quite the following here :O)   

  anyway,  cricket is telling me that we need to take a nap,  better do as she says or else....  :O)    
                                              talk later to you all   be safe :O)

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