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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cricket update

  She started not acting right again, Started coughing day before yesterday, not real bad but noticeable. That's the one thing the vet told me to watch out for , its a sign that her heart murmur was acting up.  Yesterday she really started coughing allot and for along time, got in to see the vet today and found out that her condition has worsened, not sure if its the altitude messing with her or if its just getting worse.  So here we sit in Buena Vista at the camp ground next to the vets office.  the Snowy Peaks RV park, Cricket is relaxing soaking up the ac right now between going outside to pee every 10 min it seems like lol (its the new medicine that's making her pee so much) Her lungs were starting to fill with fluid due to her heart condition.  No, its not good at all.  He wanted me to stay close and to keep her at this elevation so he can diagnose her better instead of wondering if its the traveling up and down in elevation that's doing this or something else. 
  SO  here we sit with electricity, water and sewer with Internet and they are working on running cable over to me for tv.  I will not know what to do :O)    I might actually see what is happening in the world for a change.  Its been along time since I have watched tv.   
  The vet said that if she doesn't improve then we will have to take a xray to see whats going on inside her heart.   that will be Monday so until then we will be sitting here enjoying the ac during the hot part of the day. If its the elevation We will be headed home soon.  Not going to take any chances with my cricket. 

 And yes, the Midas camper is the oldest one in the lot lol  Squeezed right in next to a at least 500,000 motor home.  They put their window shades down after I pulled in :O) 

I will be posting alot more pictures while I have the time.  Hope you all dont get to bored :O)
    Be safe    :O)


  1. Praying cricket gets better.

  2. praying that cricket will be better by monday!
    if not there is a clean spot in the drive way for you two! oh yeah and the cat!