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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

more pictures of the sand dunes :O)

Playing with the setting on the camera, was trying to capture the sand drifting and blowing over the ridge.  Didn't work out .

I thought this was pretty neat, this ridge was about 300 yrds long
.  this is just about as far as cricket and i made it. Started to rain the wind was picking up and that stuff hurts when its blowing about 20 mph. So we bailed and went to shelter.  We brushed sand out of our hair for quite awhile.     

wanted to share the image of the sun kitting the dunes

I still cant get over just how big the dunes are lol

here are the dunes again,with the mountains in back.  this is about 8 miles away.

Cricket standing in a bunch of black sands that collects at the ridges all over the place. At one time there was a group of guys that found very small gold in the dunes so they developed a company to mine the dunes for the gold. It didn't work out it seems that their machines couldn't separate the gold from the sands. They went broke.   So there is gold in them thar hills :O)

just a pretty picture of the setting sun over the dunes I think.

just another random pic

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