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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

again, more random pics :O)

Here is another fixer uper for Junior :O)

and a tractor to go with it, just have to drive to center colorado to get them

just messing around trying to get a good shot of both.  not sure it worked lol

This guy was selling tacos for some church funtion,  all he knew in english i believe was TACO TACO TACO 5 DOLLARS   TACO TACO TACO 5 DOLLARS  :O)   I actually bought some, not because of his sales pitch but for the fact I was hungry and it was 5 dollars for 4 tacos and a pop.  Thye were pretty dang good..  this was in center colo

Tunnel on wolf creek pass road

Took this one going down the road because there was no place to pull over, that is the same road I am on down there. Was a pretty narley hair pin curve  to get over there to that part of the road. wolf creek pass

finally found a spot to pull over at, letting the brakes cool off alittle :O) wolf creek pass

If you ever ever ever see this on your gps at night.  Just turn around and wait for day time lol  the gps looked like this for about 30 miles between silverton colo and ouray colo.  What a road!!    Would like to come back and drive this one on a motorcycle.  Preferably a high speed bike, not for the speed but so you wont be scaping things as you go around corners at a slow speed even lol  very cool road but it lacks gaurd rails along almost all of it :O) 

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  1. i would love to join you a ride back there whit clayt! but i will have to drive because clayt goes to fast around curves.