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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/11 update #2

This is one of the hundred lightning bolts that struck around Buena Vista a while back. I tried to take a bunch of pics but my 80.00 walmart camera was not up to the task. Got lucky getting this one, was actually trying to take apic of another bolt but got this one instead.  It was truly one of the most awesome lightning displays that I have ever seen, and that is even including the lighting storms that we get back home in Kansas.  Glad I was inside and not on a mountain :O) 
this top picture shows a little arrow thing about half way down the picture. The next photo is a close up of the same picture. Just goes to show you how determined man can be.  I found these pictures in the lead ville Colorado mining museum the other day and was amazed at it.  Don't think I am that dedicated to gold mining lol  but it would be truly awesome to go to Alaska where these pics we're taken and see this up close and personal......    Want to go to alaska someday....
Can you imagine lol   Don't want to be scared of heights to go to this place
Hey Penny,  You got your own store here in lead ville :O)   thought i would share with you.
this water tank is in Sergent's Colo, just liked it so I'm  sharing it.   They moved it hear from somewhere else so it could be restored and safed.
this is a HUGE (probably 200 ft or higher) granite doom on the gold camp rd from cripple creek to Colorado springs, get a chance to go on it, go.  Its a really great drive.  there is another from canon city to victor co. phantom canyon rd.  they are kinda long but for the first time every mile is worth it but a word of caution about gold camp rd. Make sure if your going down to the springs, have good brakes!!!   the road follows a old stage rd for part of it and then it follows the old narrow gauge RR tracks.  there is even a couple of tunnels that you get to drive threw.  Take a camera.  :O)

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  1. love the photos :) really wish life around here would be nice to use so that we could save money to come out there!