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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are you tired of the random pics yet? no? cool. here are some more lol

this was the sun set yesterday, had a double rainbow too but the picture didn't turn out very good.

this pictures not a real good one but it will have to do,  on the east side of the Arkansas river I found these old railroad tunnels. Four of them actually, you can see the first three in the top photo and the last tunnel is the pic below.  sorry the first picture is so crappy. 

and if you look up the road alittle you see that huge rock? it almost looks like they split that rock into. not sure if they did or not but it sure is one big rock!!!  wouldn't be anything but a spot left of a person and their car if it fell on them..

Found this little "Twenty" caterpillar  just outside of buena vista, really good shape and it still runs by all indications.  Sure makes me want to get dads old "twenty" going again.  Dads is in better mechanical shape than this one but then again, this one does run lol

this old McCormick tractor was sitting just down the line of stuff too.  I tried to turn it over but I do believe its stuck tight. 

Patches taking over my bath towel, sat it down just inside the door and was talking to one of crickets followers :O)  and when I turned around to get it and head to the shower this is what I saw.  She really looks comfy doesn't she? 

just a random picture of the Arkansas

How would you like to be the poor sap that drew the short straw to grade the roads in a blizzard with this thing??    I do believe I would have built a shed on this thing if I had to run it in the winter!!!   or quit lol 

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