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Friday, July 15, 2011

just saying hi :O)

  I have left cache creek Colo.  It was getting way to crazy up there for me.  The parking lot was packed to the gills and the campers were parking anywhere and everywhere, you would have thought some one had hit it really big up there or something (which is not the case)  there was people fighting over old holes that they claimed was theirs but they hadn't even been there yet this yr.  Getting drunk and wanting to fight and some of them are even carrying guns while arguing and drinking.  Don't get me wrong, I have and enjoy firearms allot. but there isa place and time for them and arguing and drinking is  NOT one of them.  Dad always told me not to drink and  mess with guns,  makes since to me but I guess some of the people in the world don't get it or understand it.
  One guy i know up there was diggin in his hole and the next thing he knew he was sitting in the buttom of his hole with a big lump and cut on his head where some one had gotten pissed off at him because they thought it was their hole and throed a big rock in on top of him.    When Big Larry came out of the hole after realizing what had happened he grabbed his shovel and told the guy to get the heck  out of there and told him he was going to make his shovel just as ugly as the guys face by waking him with it.  Cant blame big Larry for being mad, he should have went to town to get stitches but he just used some duct tape on in and went back to digging lol  
 I meet some interesting people up there, there was Rick Brenda and her some Emanuel, they are out here for the summer prospecting.  Troy Lisa and their son Ace, good enough kid but had to watch him pretty close,  given the chance I believe he would have run off with cricket.  they are out here being the camp host part of the time for the summer, pretty much down on their luck but from what I seen and heard its self inflicted.
 Then there is big larry,  he was a real laugh around the camp fire telling stories.  He's from Wisconsin and has a big time accent from up north.  Hasa habit  of saying "You Know" at he end of his sentences lol  we got to giving him shit about it last night and he really started in with the accents.  Pretty good guy, will do anything for anybody that needs help even though he has nothing but a few dollars and just a few can goods for food. Just a wore out blazer that needs some serious work on it, Him and I fixed his brakes on evening so he could go to town safely.  Good thing I brought my tools with me and I finally used my welder lol    He tried to pay me, even offered some gold but I refused it simply because he needed it more than I do.  When i left this morning, I put some more canned goods on his tail gate.  I hope he hits it big.
  Then there is llittle larry the part time camp host,  what a individual.... we will just leave it at that he is out there for himself and only himself.  as long as it benefits him he is alright with things..
  the Tom, he is a quite older guy that If I had to guess he had a stroke or something by the way he talks and such.  He hooked up with big larry a while back and larry keeps a eye on him to help him out when he needs it.  He is another down and out guy, don't know his whole story but I don't believe he has had a easy life.
  Don and JoJo (women) and cant forget crickets newest boyfriend lol  Bruno  he is a bull mastiff, huge dog!!  his head alone could make a dozen crickets :O)  kindest most gentle dog I have meet so far.  He just ambles around checkin out every ones camp, prospecting hole lol  we put a snuffer bottle on his collar with the sign that said Bruno's gold and food bottle.  I found  a big piece of pyrite and stuck it in there so motivate others to maybe put some real gold in there lol  (yea right)  He is a brindle colored dog, very pretty.   Back to don and jojo, they are from Minnesota, she was born in fort Riley ks though.  Pretty good people, he is the one that I got to pull my rv and trailer out of the ditch the other day lol  tell you about that one alittle later lol  They have been traveling around for the last 3 yrs in a pickup living in a tent.  Some producer person from the discovery channel is supposed to make a documentary show about them. they asked me if I wanted to go to California with them this fall, them larry and tom. I told them I didn't know where or what i would be doing this fall but we exchanged numbers so we can keep in touch. We all had a good time prospecting and sitting around the camp fire at night telling stories. Hope they all find what they are looking for. 
  About the camper getting stuck,  :O)  On of the only times that I repeated the "OH SHIT" phrase twice in rapid succession lol  even cricket knew things were going south quick!!    I had left cache cr and went to town to do laundry and get some groceries, take a shower, stuff like that.  it rained while I was gone, alot. i drove in there and got to the bottom of a hill and needed to go up the other side and saw that it might be slick, it wa.  i got the camper to the flat spot on top of the hill but the trailer was still on the hill side. I gave it some more gas and it spun out, and then started sliding backwards down the hill. I tried to keep the trailer straight but I had slid sideways up against  the dirt bank so i couldn't steer it at all. about that time i muttered the first oh shit then the trailer started towards the ditch and that's when i exclaimed the next oh shit and cricket looked at me and hunkered down on the passenger seat like she new this wasn't going to be a good ride lol   we slide on back down the hill with the trailer ending up in the ditch and the camper sitting in the middle of the road blocking traffic from getting in or out!  I tried to move put it was pointless so I got a ride to the camp, got don to bring his 4x4 pickup to tow me out, we hooked 3 20ft chains together to keep him up on the top of the hill.  Needless to say I will be more careful in the future.  Luckily I didnt jack knife the trailer or tear anything up :O)  got real lucky. 
  Oh yea,  don and jojo was sitting by their fire the other night and heard a noise, turned around and looked right at a bear in their camp.  I personally think they we're  dreaming because I know for a fact that the only bears in colo are in the zoo and they were brought in from Pennsylvania!!!   :O)    Okay,  I have to admit that there were tracks by their camp but they might have been Bruno's :O)
  I did find some more gold, not rich yet and I'm not holding my breath either :O)  but I am getting rich with memories and good times.    Cricket and I are headed down to the colo sand dunes east of center colo, when i was a kid i saw them form a distance and wanted to go see them but we couldn't drive the semi over there and it was way to far to walk.  (I didn't think so at the time)  so that's where we are headed and then to wolf creek pass and down to the Anasazi ruins, four corners and places in between :O)  Got to go for know,  talk to you all again soon,   be safe :O)  
 sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera is drying out for a second time.  might have to get a new one this time.

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