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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random pictures of different places we have been

This trolley car is in Victor Colorado, looks like they be getting ready to restore it maybe.

One of the train tunnels on gold camp rd. 

This is Clear Creek Lake just south of granite Colo. Stayed there a few nights. Mosquitoes were terrible!!

Peggy Gary Matt and I went up to the Gold mine that is up the road and to the top of the mountain behind granite. Saw this Marmot along the road. 

Me feeding peanuts to the Ground squirrel He was really a brave little guy, drove patches absolutely nuts. He would sit just outside the camper door and yell at patches.  All patches had to do was twitch her tail and he would be gone in the blink of an eye  lol  then come right back again.

if you look close or click on the picture, you will see the sand dunes at the base of the mountain. this pic was taken about 15 miles away from them.

This is how big they are :O)  it was about 1/2 mile walk to the dunes from parking lot then it was about 700 feet up to the tallest peak of sand.  It shifts and changes in the wind all the time so there are no true paths to follow you just have to pick your own way up and across them all.  If your stick to the sand that hasn't been trampled on you can for the most part stay on top of it instead of sinking in.  But that only works part of the time lol

And of course, here is cricket looking out over her domain lol 

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