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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cricket update :O)

  Cricket still has a heart condition, but we have it under control the best we are going to get it.  She will have to take meds like the rest of us now :O)  We have to hang around here for a few more days to get the meds in her system and after that the vet says that we can start traveling again. We just have to watch the higher altitudes..    He was really happy with the way she had responded to the treatment, you could actually see that he was sincere about it.  All we have heard from people around here is how good he is and how much he truly cares about the animals.  I believe it.   So we are going to hang out here and then probably head to fair play to learn how to carve spirit faces in walking canes.  And finally get back to some prospecting :O)   Talked to a guy that just got back from cache creek today and he said that it is still crazy up there, guess the BLM officers are coming in regularly now to keep things down to a dull roar between certain individuals.   
   Meet some others that were not to happy with the camp host Larry either,  i think that people are figuring out what he is all about now..    Not sure when I will be heading back up there but I still have 9 days on my permit, will have to be before Nov that's when they shut the gate to cache creek until next year.  the Arkansas river is finally going down but is still to high to get to the new gold the flood waters have brought down. there is allot of people waiting to get in the river, all of them are talking about how good the gold will be this year. Might have to pay attention to see just how good its going to pay for them :O)      got to go,  be safe all  :O)
Cricket demanding that I rub her belly,  nothing spoiled about her!!!  lol

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  1. Glad that Cricket is doing better. we got your message. havent had time to call you back. we will try to either tonight or tomorrow night.