Tuesday, December 26, 2023


  It’s been so long.   Again.    

What to say lol.   I hope all is well in your worlds, it’s been good here.  As soon as I get internet at the house again, I’m going to work on getting the blog going again.    I’m learning tictok and YouTube so there’s other ways of viewing activities.    I will let everyone know what I’ve been doing the last several years. I’m still living in the house I built, actually working on getting it added onto. 

There’s been so many changes here and in my life…. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hey all, my goodness it's been such a long time.
 Allot has happened in the last year or so, I lost my mom for one. She has another stroke and this time it affected her alot. Ended up she had to stay in a nursing home for several months while she was taking physical therapy.  She got better so I remodeled her bathroom to make things easier for her but unfortunately she wasn't able to stay home. She was not happy about it but there wasn't anything that we could do differently.
 It seemed like to me that she gave up at that point and it wasn't very long that she got really sick and with her inability to breath on her own anyway, she went into the hospital and never came out of it.

Rest in peace mom love you and miss you.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

 Hey all, its really been along time this time. Just got on here to say hi and let you all know that i am still alive. just so very busy with life. It thru us a curve ball back in june of this year. Mom had another stroke, wasnt a pretty one at all. She lost use of her left arm and leg but she has had months of therapy and she has gained back most of her movements but her arm is very weak, Her leg works mostly but she has problems with her lower leg. She cant use her ankle or foot much at all but she has learned how to walk even with that not working properly. Unfortunantly, her balance is off too much for her to be on her own doing things. She can use a walking fine but we have to be there holding her saftey belt just incase or rather when she losses  balance.  She is in a nursing home which she does not like but she cant be at home. She requires more help than what we can give her at home as well. Sadly. 
  For the most [art she is really chipper and doesnt get to depressed for the most part. There are days though that are not so good.  Its been a very chalenging time for her..  She wants to come home but Im not sure if that will happen. She did come home for 6 days a while back but she lost her balance several times a crashed, the last time she did she fell on the walker and bent it up and cracked two ribs. She went to the hospital and found out the ribs and that she had pnumonia, went and stayed in the hospital and while there we talked and she said that it was time to go back to the resthome. I told her that if she got her balnce back and was able to do all the things at the rest home that she would need to do at home to live there then she could come home again.  She said that would be great but we both knew that she wouldnt be coming back home. Maybe there is a chanace for her too but ...  If she does then that would be great :O)

  In other news, The graci dog has gotten over trying to kill or pluck the feathers off the chickens for the most part, yay.  still working with her but she has made great progress, exspecially after Greg the younger rooster gave her a pecking lol didnt hurt her but she sure thought it was not right for that rooster to be mean to her, not once but twice. she has a new found respect for them now..
  Okay, have to cut this short, again. But will be back on since I have new a computer that I get to use :O) 
Hope all is well out there. I hope all your dreams are coming true and happyness has found each and everyone :O)   
Be safe all :O)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

hi again

Hey all, :O)  told you I would be back soon. How has everyone been? good I hope. Things have been plugging along here, nothing really exciting just life.
  I went to bingo with mom fri night, she really enjoys getting out and going. She gets pretty bored in the rest home. She even won at bingo one game, made her money back lol
  Shes really working hard to get out of there. Strokes can really mess things up for a person.
  They are saying that she may get to come home by the end of October, we are hoping so. She said fri night that she just wants to go home and sit in her chair and relax. I can only imagine..

 Country living update.
  I have 24 chickens now and most of them are laying eggs, got way too many eggs lol If the zombie apocalypse happens I will eat pretty good on chicken eggs lol
  We ended up with one roster out of the sixteen chics we bought, I'm thinking we were really lucky from the stories I have heard from diff people buying chicks from orchelns.
 The garden is done, the one cantaloupe plant is empty and the cucumber plants (2) do not produce any, If they do the chickens get them before I do. really Really need to get that fence put up :O(
  Sometimes I get really curious about things, like for instance I have a few followers that are my constant. I know that the person in Moscow, Moscow city, I don't know but I am saying hi to you and thanks for being one of my followers :O) One of the other one's is from St Paul Minnesota, That one I may know lol it is a small world sometimes, I wonder if its really truly that small? what would be the odds of it being a old friend that I used to know?   Anyway :O)   Like I said, I get curious and I cant seem to let things go.

the kittens are growing quickly, pooping all over the place. They seem to forget where the litter box is at times. I don't walk in the yard anymore bare foot..  There is 10 kittens and I believe that 9 are boys ugggg.
  Built some flower beds in front of the porch the last few days, looks pretty good I think :O)  Went out and gathered up a lot of flat lime stones to make the retaining walls out of. Even have some to spare. Sure wish I could post pictures on here again, nope I still haven't figured out what the problem is..
  In other news, I cant seem to sleep anymore.  When I do want to sleep I cant because I'm at work lol Very frustrating.  I have tried many diff things but nothing seems to work. I imagine that it has something to do with my Lupus, I know that lately its been acting up.

  I still don't have any goats or any other critters. Still haven't finished the fences for the pens. Things just haven't been happening around here like I had hoped. Sure is rough to get older lol cant wait for another 10 years to be added onto this body. should be entertaining :O)  Well, I'm getting off here and go outside and look at the night sky, maybe I will get to see a meteor or two.  Good night all and talk again soon.  Be safe :O)

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Surprise everyone....    It has been a loooooonnnnngggggg time.  Hope everyone has been doing great.  I'm sure that I have lost most of my followers, if not all. I apologise for the Gap in keeping up with the posts.  Been in prison lol.  No not really. Just been busy with life.
  Some of the high lights that I have been up too and what's been going on.
. Still dating my girlfriend. Working on the place. Working at my job. Getting Pno trained basically. A dog trainer I am not. I had it so easy with cricket dog, she was such a layed back little girl. Pno is a in your face kind of dog lol.
  My mom had a stroke back in June and we have been dealing with that. She's getting alot better but it's still along road to go. Taking her to lunch tomorrow at the Saddle Rock, it's a favorite place that she liked going to. And then going to go see Grandma Estes, she will be 98 tomorrow.  Yay you grandma. You always said you wanted to live to be 100. Just two more years and you will have made it:-)
 I have some cat. 15 to be exact now. Anyone want a kitten? Or two?
 The chickens are doing great, the young ones are starting to lay eggs now. Getting between 7 to 9 eggs a day so far. Got a few free loaders but not sure which ones they are. I had been letting them run all around but they started tearing up my plants and pooping on the porch alot! Got them penned up for now. Need to butcher one rooster, got one too many.
  Got the lean to all done, going to start soon on a bigger one on the other side. Got most of what I need. Will be nice to have the extra room.
Still need to move the tin she'd home that I had given to me.
 I also messed up my knee some how. Bruised the bone ends in my knee. And tore something inside, they said I need surgery on it but have to wait. I need to build up my sick days and vacation time. Can't afford to loose any wages. Did it at home, I'm thinking it might of been when I was chasing graci the dog and fell.
 It's had me hobbling around for a while. It got so bad for a while that I was on crutches. It hurt bad.....
  It's feeling better now, atleast I can walk on it. Just have to be careful.
  Got some cucumbers out of the garden, chickens got alot more of them. Really need to put up that fence.. the one cantaloupe plant has did a wonderful job. The other day I took five cantaloupes over to the rest home where mom is so the cook could give them to all of the residents. They all pretty much loved them. They have asked me to bring some more over again.
  I just tried to upload some pictures, wasn't successful. I'm posting this from my phone. It's smart, I'm not I guess lol...
  Now that I know I can post this way I should be on here more.  I will work on getting some pictures to go with my comments.   Talk again soon.   Be safe all..

Sunday, February 19, 2017


  Well hello all, its been way too long since I have let you all know what I have been up too.  Actually, I haven't been up to much but doing a lot of running. I have been neglecting a lot of things that I have been wanting to do and get done around here.  No ones fault just have been doing other things.
  The chickens are doing really good, they have been laying eggs regularly. Iv been enjoying them a lot :O)  I have to get rid of one of the roosters, they are fighting over the chicks and disrupting the zen of the chic house.  My farmer neibor buddy needs a rooster so I guess one of them will be going to live there.  The chickens are allot of fun to watch, just wish they would stop popping on the porch, going to have to make a fence to stop that I think.  Going to be buying some more chickens soon, need about 6 more and I will be happy lol
  Work has been going pretty good, rebuilding a lot of roads lately.  They need it, some of my roads on the route don't have ditches anymore.  Been trimming tree limbs too on the route. Some of my roads don't look the same at all. Starting to look pretty good. 
  In some other news, I now have a puppy :O) her name is Pno lol  I know, odd name but I like it. She is a mixed breed, she is part jack Russell terrier, part chiwawa and English bulldog and I thing some others might be in there too but she looks mostly like a jack Russell so far.  Pretty smart, Ive taught her to sit, lay, stand on her hind legs, and too fetch.  she's a pretty cool dog so far lol   She will actually crawl into the shower with me on her own, to be with me I guess but sometimes we take a shower together lol sounds strange but that's the way it is. She enjoys it.  No sticky dog here.
  So far she gets along with the chickens too, every once in a while she acts like she's going to maybe chance them but doesn't. will be keeping a eye on her for sure. She likes to travel in the truck or even in the grader lol took her to work one day and she done really good. Wont be making a habit out of that but it was nice having her in there with me.
  Went and got a bunch of older telephone poles yesterday, thanks for your help RO.  There was a lot more there than I had thought, its a load and a half lol also stopped and picked up two big rocks out of the road ditch as well. Going to be using them in the land scaping project for the front yard one of these days. Now that I have the poles home I can get busy on the lean-to. Got pretty much everything I need now to get it built. will be nice to have more room to store stuff like the tractor and the extra lumber I have saved up. That way I can get my work shop organized finally.
  Going to be getting started on the goat pens as well. maybe I will get them don't this year. I'm also going to build a extra pen on the north side of the property. Its going to be a pig pen. Got to have pigs to have bacon :O) and pork chops, pork cutlets,  sausage :O)  I've been catching some pork sales at the grocery store lately, been using the tenderizer I got from Howard quite a bit here lately. works really nice :O)
  I bought a old antique cubbored last weekend on my way back from Kansas city, shouldn't have but I did. Its been used and even abused some but all that is just character to me :O)  ;It looks really good in the kitchen.  I found it on offerup :O) I really like that app.  There are so many things for sale and a lot of its really cheap. I have even sold some stuff on there as well.
  In other news I have been working on the short wall around the kitchen, I have finally got the sheet rock all mudded and sanded now, now just to paint it lol hopefully that doesn't take me 3 yrs lol  yes, I can really drag my feet with some projects. 
  went out today and cut back a bunch of the tree limbs along the yard so I done have to dodge them on the tractor when I'm mowing this year. pushed them all into the brush pile for burning later on.  started pushing up a lot of the old trees that had fallen down among the other trees, just cleaning up the tree ine some. get it ready to plant some trees in place of the dead ones so I can keep the wind break going for the place.  Cleaned up the garden area today and yesterday,  getting it ready for spring planting :O)  Going to till up some extra ground this year, I've had two gardens basically but this year I am going to till up the area between the two of them. Going to be one big garden.  I'm going to try a new way to plant tators this year, going to plant them in a wire cage in layers, saw it on pentrist.
  I have two grader tires now as well, going to cut the sidewall out of one side of them and fill with dirt to make some raised beds. Getting tired of bending over all the time and it hurts too much to get down on my knees anymore as well. Its not much fun to be getting older and to have a medical issue that there is no cure for.  One that has no rhyme or reason either.  some days are good ( I say good but that just means that I'm able to get around better than the other days.)  Here lately its been really kicking my ass.  I'm not whining about it, just getting tired of it. Some days all I can seem to get done is go to work and get my job done. Come home and sleep or not sleep. sometimes sleep just isn't in the works.  Just have to Keep on Keeping on like Joe Dirt says lol
  well, its late. Going to bed.   talk later to you all.   Be safe :O)