Monday, March 3, 2014

blog problems

Hi all, Don't know if this is going to work or not. Iv been having major malfunctions while trying to sign into my blog. And no its not me :O) at least I don't believe it is but could be lol 
  I still haven't been up too much, did some work on the house, cut firewood, Its been coder than a witches ----- one week then the next its like summer.  Iv been working off and on when I can, ready for the weather to break. 
  Working on getting Internet into the house, that will be nice to be able to blog whenever I want and too surf the net whenever. I do miss having that kind of information handy.
  Planning on either going to Nome Alaska this summer or just a trip too Colorado, need a break from everything. Need to do alittle traveling :O)  sure do miss that but it awful nice to have a home too :O)  Guess I want my cake and to eat it also. 
  Here a while back the prices of propane sky rocketed!!!!!  freaking ridiculous was up too 520 a gallon for a short while, its down too 2.79 a gallon as of the other day but that's still way high as far as I'm concerned. So glad that my house is so well insulated. I had 250 gallon put in on Nov 5th which brought the gauge up too 48 % looked at it yesterday and it was reading 28% . not too bad for using it for the hot water heater, heat back up furnace and the cook stove.  I'm happy with it. now to just wait until propane gets cheaper and then fill it up this summer when it is cheaper to get ready for next winter.
  Planning on putting in a garden this year, not a real big one just one that will help out some with the grocery bill and be manageable for just me.  Going to be planting a few tree also. Thinking about getting some bee boxes also. nothing like some honey on your toast in the morning :O)  As soon as the ground in workable I'm going to work up a plot of ground for a asparagus bed, love that stuff, could make a meal out of just asparagus :O)    Getting things together to build a chicken coop as well, got to have some chickens and also some peacocks.   Got to find some pipe so I can build me a cloths line also, be cheaper than using the dryer.
  well, got to go, between surfing and here I have run out my too hrs at the library using there Internet, she giving me the look :O)   hope all is well and have stayed warm this winter, talk to you all again soon I hope,  Be safe all :O)

PS  While I was out running around in Colo I took and wrote my blog address on some dollar bills (I know, its illegal) I wonder if any of my readers have come across any of them?  If you have, would you message me maybe?  thanks :O)    later all.