Monday, September 28, 2015

Better mood today

  Hi all, the other day I vented some frustrations and anger on here, I usually try not to do that but sometimes it just comes out.  Its life so I will not delete the post, I have always strive to be open and honest about what all happens in my life on here so at times I may rant and rave or even whine about things :O)   So with that said, in other news we had a blood red moon and a eclipse of the moon last night. lol  like most of you didn't know that already. It was a perfectly clear night for it and it was pretty cool. Even got to see some meteors while watching the moon.  Cant complain about that, didn't even have bugs bothering me either. Too cold I guess.  Thankfully.....  I do not like bugs, namely mosquitoes!! 
  I really haven't been up to much, just the usually mowing and getting the last of the vegetable's out of the garden. One of these times Im going to be prepared and plant a fall garden. The deer and other critters have taken a toll on the garden, will be a fence up hopefully next year.  The animals sure are starting to scurry around getting ready for winter, and I'm seeing a lot of migratory birds also. Better get the bird seeds bought.
  Went to a auction Saturday, was a lot of nicknack's , some furniture, plus much much more stuff and some hand made quilts.  was sitting with my aunt and uncle and when they would hold up a certain design of a quilt my aunt would say the name of the design on the quilt. I had no idea there was names and types. Was actually pretty cool sitting there with her and her explaining them all too me.   I bid on a couple of them but some went as much as 200 dollars which to my understanding is still really cheap.  later on during the sale they would grab one or two quilts and sell them as they went. On caught my eye and I bid on it, I bought it for 55.00  and I think its amazing. The craftsmanship Patience and work that goes into them is astounding to me. I do not possess the patience or skill to make one, so I will buy mine thank you :O)  I will take a pic of it very soon and post it on here. I brought it home and washed and dried it (on the cloths line ) and then put it straight on the bed that night :O)  I wonder if quilting is going to be a thing of the past? Everyone seems to be in such a hurry and we live in such a "disposable" world that I wonder. I imagine that there will be some out there that will keep it alive, I really hope so.
  The weather is turning cooler and the leaves are starting to turn and fall off. I look so forward to the fall and winter temps but it honestly is a ugly time of year with out the greenery. There is a trade off though for when it snows or if we have a ice storm there is beauty in that as well. If theres no snow or ice then its pretty dreary honestly..  My way of thinking is that if its cold, like below freezing temps then there better be some danged snow on the ground :O) 
  There is nothing like the sound of the wind in the trees with the sound of snow or sleet hitting the side of the house while a fire crackles in the wood stove. A window cracked open and the front door standing open (with the screen door glass shut) and the smell of a roast cooking on the stove with some homemade bread or rolls baking.   (no wonder why I weigh too much) lol     Yes, I am ready for winter.    well mostly anyway :O)
  I'm also looking forward to work this winter, the guys at work thinks im crazy and they say that after the first winter at work grading the roads to keep them clear of snow will change my mind.  Maybe but for know I am looking forward to it. I have always liked to be the first one to drive down a snow covered road :o) To go out and "bust" snow drifts in the 4x4.  I hope its as fun as I think it may be. If not then oh well :O) it will be my job anyway.  Unfortunately, I cannot carry a firearm with me while working :O( what no better way to work is to be able to hunt during the winter while doing it?  :O)  The bunny rabbits would learn to fear my road grader lol  I say that jokingly but the wild life really doesn't fear the grader. They know to get out of its way but usually they get "just" out of the way, let me go past and they go back out on the road to finish what they were doing or going the way they were down the road.
  A friend of mine who I have known all my life and I believe what he says, told me a while back that he was running his Ag sprayer over south of my place a few miles and actually saw a cougar, how cool would that be to see one of those!!   So I have been keeping a eye out while I'm off down in the less traveled and lived areas of my routes.  Will keep you all updated for sure if I see one of those around here :O)

Well all, I have rattled on about enough I imagine :O)  So you all be safe :O)
talk to you all again soon.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lost people

Stupid Stupid Stupid
They know not what they do.
Out of fear greed selfishness jealousy weakness and ignorance you all have chosen a lonely and bitter road to travel.
I feel sorry for you all, for you do not have the ability to see past yourselves and your way of life.
I just hope that maybe someday you will see the terrible injustice that you have done to our mother / grandmother and you can possibly make amends before its too late.
After she is gone there is no saying your sorry, I shouldn't have acted the way I did. No more can you take back the mean or hurtful things that you have said. The grief and turmoil that you have caused her.
All you will be able to do is feel regret sadness  and shame when and if you ever see what you have done.
I have my doubts if you ever will but I can always hope that you do. For her sake I hope you do.
You all should be ashamed and embarrassed by your actions, words and lack of respect for her. Our departed father/grandfather would not be happy nor proud of you for how you are treating her.
That is that....   Your brother/uncle.....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

hi all :O)

got busy yesterday, decided to start tearing out the old barbwire fence that is around my place. It was in really bad shape so I tore it down and cleaned up things so I can build a new fence. So far all I have done is the south fence. Still have the west fence to take out and there is not any on the east or north sides. just a whole lotta trees and brush. This pic is of the wire I tore out and layed out so I can roll it up to dispose of it. Yes, there was blood shed along with a few tears lol   I can never work around barbed wire without getting messed up.
Don't mind the old grill and the little barrel in this picture, they will be going away soon too but you can see where I trimmed up the tree limbs as well. Tired of trying to mow under them and not getting it done. Now I CAN MOW AND WHEN I GET TO BUILDING THE NEW FENCE I WONT HAVE TO FIGHT WITH THE TREE LIMBS TO GET THAT DONE EITHER.   oops, fat fingered the caps key again.  This picture is looking to the west.

This one is looking to the east. The property is 450 ft by 300 ft   3 acres
in the back ground you can see I was doing laundry also.

I found this preying mantis the other day at work, there is actually two of them there. On the back of the larger one is a normal sized one. I have never seen one this big before, I'm assuming the the larger one is the female and that's a little male on her back.   Yes people, we are looking at insect "porn" lol
If I remember correctly its a rather deadly ordeal for the little male though.

This is patches my cat, laying on me of course.  Seems like shes not happy unless she is laying on me some how. Doesn't matter what I'm trying to do, blog on here or watching TV or even playing xbox online she has to be laying on me. 

This is my motor grader that I operate at work, The last two weeks I haven't been running it though, auxzillarly oil pump went out on it so we've been waiting for the new one to get her. Its been along two weeks. I have been mowing the shoulders and ditches of my route. I am tired of mowing lol The parts are supposed to be here Monday. we will see.

Just a view from the operator cab, looks like I'm driving off into the ditch but I'm not, I have it articulated in the middle. Just blades better that way but it looks really odd to drive up on it when I have it like that. WILL HAVE TO TAKE A PIC OF IT SOMETIME WHEN I DO SO YOU ALL CAN SEE WHAT I MEAN.     dang caps key, going to have to remove that thing lol

I found these old signs the other day

Well everyone, I'm going to watch "Fear the walking dead"  lol   I know I know  not sure why I like them shows but I do.      anyway, be safe and visit with you all alittle later :O)

Monday, September 7, 2015

more random pictures :O) and some visiting .

Got busy the other day and cleaned everything out of the kitchen so I could paint the floor. It sure would of been easier if I would have done a lot of this stuff before I moved in lol But winter was here and I was tired of being cold in the fifth wheel camper trailer :O)  gives me something to do besides sitting in the recliner lol
It doesn't look like much but that's the first half of the first coat. I had plenty of paint to do the job so I put it on thick and two coats.  I didn't get a finished pic yet, but it looks just like the rest of the floors I have painted in here .

This is the second batch of red hot cucumbers I have made but the first one I have made on my own :O) Turned out pretty good even if I do say so myself :O)

oh yea, this is the chest freezer I bought the other day. was out of freezer space in the frig freezer so I had to do something. 10 cu ft. I know, kind of small but it should work fine for me. If not I will just have to get another one. Its big enough to hold some whole chickens, a deer or two, plus other stuff as well :O)

This is the finished batch, notice the white stuff on the jars? that's what happens when you don't put alittle vinegar in the water when you have hard water. oops.  but it wipes off pretty easy with a towel dampened in alittle bit of water mixed with a smidgen of vinegar.  other wise it will harden on the sides and be a pain to get off later on.

ummm, not sure what I did to make the picture go to the side like that :O/
Anyway lol  I had some tea lights going on night for some elimination, regular lights were way too bright for the headache I had going on. Thought it was cool.

Found this old bridge on one of my minimum maintenance roads (dirt road, not a gravel road, but a dirt road)  It has something to do with the Santa Fe trail some how. It was all covered up with dirt weeds and grass. I had to use my blade on my grader to gently and carefully to remove it all so I could read it.   

Made some more bread :O)  don't know why I'm always taking pics of the bread then putting them on here :O)  I just like home made bread and I think everyone else should too lol

found another rock fence, another dirt road in the middle of no where , some of those rocks must weigh 150 to 200 pounds.  no wonder them old timers were tough as nails, all they knew was hard work... 

another snapping turtle crossing the yard, that sandal is a size 13 by the way, so that gives you all a clue on how big this thing is. Not sure but I believe that its the same one that crossed the yard last year. Maybe not but it sure looks like the same sized one.

??  Had some other pictures that I had picked out to share but for some reason they didn't post on here..   will have to try again next time. Maybe it has something to do with the storm that's going on here right now. Lights are blinking sometimes so maybe that's why. 
Iv really been enjoying my new job, its the most laid back relaxing job I have ever had.  No stress :O)  Just blade my roads, keep the signs up and visible, mow the grass along the roads (when they get the mower fixed)  It doesn't pay a lot but for the benefits and no stress its worth it. :O)  the bosses are happy with the job I'm doing, some of the people that live on the roads I blade have actually called the boss and told him that I was doing a great job.  they are happy at least for now lol
In other news, the electric company keeps raising its rates :O(  going to check into maybe some solar and wind power. Its all pretty pricey but the way its going a persons not going to be able to afford to buy power from the power companies. Not sure how people are going to be able to live with the way all the prices of things are going up. Food is getting up there too :O(  go to the grocery store and get afew things for my lunches and it seems like I cant get out of there with out spending 50 dollars...Its not because I buy expensive either, I get things on sale and the cheaper stuff but it all adds up quickly.  Guess I need to be more frugal and watch the sales better...
  well, better go for now :O) be safe.  talk to you all alittle later.