Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hi all :O) I'm still alive...

I am so sorry to my regular readers, I have just been so busy as of lately that I have had no time to post on what been going on around here. Just when I think I have some time something else pops up and I don't get to posting. 
  I don't even know where to start at on catching you all up, but first let me tell you that somehow one night I must have gave windows 10  permission to up grade my computer from my wonderfully easy window 7 to this night mare they call windows 10.  I don't know about anyone else but so far I think it sucks....   no, not just sucks, but SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!      Ok lol I have that out of my system for at least alittle while.   Here are some random pictures of a few of the things I have been up too.

This is the first harvest from the garden this year, actually I picked some radishes before this, they were so good, tender and sweet. :O) But as you can see there are some new potatoes and squash. Going to be grilling some tomorrow.

Okay, so I was driving to town the other day talking on the phone with my girl friend, Yes, I have a girl friend :O)  and I came upon this cow leg laying in the middle of the road. Its not everyday that you see a dismembered cow leg laying in the road so I took a picture of is lol

Hillbilly bird bath. I think it looks rather cool :O)
the birds like it a lot.

And here is the porch, with the new grill and flowers too :O) I really enjoy the porch a lot, looking at either buying a porch swing or building one.  will be nice to sit out there in the morning or anytime for that matter :O)  enjoying watching the birds at the feeders or the humming birds feeding too.  I really enjoy sitting out there in the early mornings listening to the countryside waking up too the sun :O) 

Patches lol  Not very happy about having a bath lol  she sure smelled better though.

Me floating the concrete porch, was a lot of work but sure worth it :O)  Even if I had to do it twice because Toby the dog thought he should go out into the middle of it before it had set up :O(

this was one of the many roads after the big rain storm that had water running over it. We are still fixing roads and the storm was weeks ago.

trying to put a video on here yet again, not sure its going to work but I hope it does.

this is red, or Dumb, or rat bastard when he poops on the porch.

These iris's were growing beside one of my roads on my route.

Poured a little approach to the garage the same time I poured the porch.

random construction pic of the porch project, I had just got started with tieing the re bar and putting it all into place.

finished tying it all together and waiting for the concrete truck :O)

well all, again I am sorry about not posting for a while here. I will be back on here soon to post more of what happening around here.
So I will talk to you all again real soon, be safe all :O)