Saturday, May 30, 2015

Im still alive :O)

   Hi all, wow its been along time since I have been on here.  So much has happened that I really don't know where to start.  About all I have been up too was working, trying to get things done with the house,trying to  Kill the cat, (joke) maybe...  Put a garden in again this year, but its been raining so much that its not doing real good. Grounds still too cold for things to grow good. Corn has been about 4 inches tall for the last month since it has came up. Radishes are doing great though.
  I finally got the bedroom sheet rock mudded and painted. Ceiling is textured. Really looking good in there. Still need to paint the rest of the house, its just primered white still but it passes for a paint job for now :)  I couldn't afford carpet yet in the bedroom so I got some of that shop floor sealant paint and painted it. Poor mans carpet, I even used the sprinkles lol   I think it looks pretty darned good actually. Better than looking at gray concrete. Now its "wheat" colored concrete :O)
  In other news, I have a queen size bed now, might not seem like big news to many but you have to realize that since Feb 5th 2011 I have been sleeping on a twin size bed...   And for a more complete picture you have to remember that I am 6' 2" and 300 pounds.  Yes :O)  I am on the fluffy side. So as you can image, I have a lot of room in bed now. I can actually roll over without falling out of bed or basically getting up and squirming around to roll over and still stay in bed.   Its almost heaven :O)
  This year has been a really wet spring, was in the middle of a drought for a while but its not now. We are all hoping that it stops raining for a while so we can get caught up on everything. The creeks and rivers are full, lakes are flooding the camp grounds, its a muddy mess.  The mosquitoes are getting thick!!!  I have to mow the grass when I can between the storms, tearing up the lawn is what happens, probably should just wait until it drys up and then mow.
  Back to the garden, I planted the garden spot and ran out of room but still had stuff I wanted to plant so I had to till another spot up.  Now if things will just grow.  And to keep the deer, rabbits, turkeys, ground hog and the guineas out of it is a full time job in itself..  I have Potatoes, corn, radishes, tomatoes,lettuce, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, carrots and , guess that's it.  Still haven't put in a asparagus bed or strawberries but will in time I hope.
  One year when I was in Colo I found a tree that another tree had fallen on, it had caused it to grow really crooked. I cut it down (it was dead by the way) and brought it back to Kansas, it was about 10 or 12 years ago that I had done this.  I was pacing myself for this project :O)  anyway, I found it a few weeks ago in my storage trailer and decided it was time to make a cane out of it.  I sanded it all down and stained it, need to get a pic of it and post it here. It really turned out pretty nice. Iv been thinking about doing some carvings on it as well but not sure if I will get that far or not.  Now when I get old and decrepit I will have a cane :O) 

 I have a ton of pictures to share but not enough time today, since I have more time on my hands now maybe I will be able to be on here more.  I still would like to have the internet at my house but Im still being a tight ass about spending that kind of money lol  Got better things to do with my money :O)   like pay bills :O( grrrr 

         anyway, you all be careful and be safe, I will talk to you all soon :O)