Friday, February 22, 2013

Como Colorado house

     sorry that I haven't been posting regularly on here, just been busy with other things. Like trying to keep ahead of the bill collectors from my kidney stone episode.  Its all working out so far and I do believe that I have a inside track to a full time job.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday. 
This place is in the little town of Como, not allot there, a few houses, a post office, a restaurant that serves pretty good food.  Other assorted buildings, some with some really cool history. One was a brothel house. 
I was sitting there in the middle of the street taking these pictures when a car pulled up and a women got out and asked me if she could help me. I told her no, I was just taking a picture and she said it was her house and she wanted to know if I wanted to see inside it as well.  It was even more cool inside with all the stuff that they had collected thru the years.  If you zoom in on the pics you will see all sorts of things hanging from the walls lol Very interesting place to see and they do not mind people just stopping by. 

I will work on posting more soon all.  Be safe :O)