Saturday, January 25, 2014

hi all :O)

 Well, what can I say. I haven't been up to anything constructive at all.  Sad to say but its the truth. Since I moved in to the house I have been lazy. Fat man lazy. Drive a stake beside me to See if I have moved lazy..   eat sleep poop lazy lol   sorry, kinda graphic there but its the truth. :O)  I have been working off and on at work but not on the house and I feel kinda guilty about it but I guess not enough to get off  my ass and get busy....  Iv been just enjoying lounging around, doing dishes, flushing a toilet, sleeping in a bed (even if its home made and redneck)  :O)  I have cut firewood on several occasions and have done odd ball things off and on with the house. I ought to be finishing up the mudding sanding and painting in the bedroom but I haven't.
  Like I said earlier, I have been LAZY LAZY.  It feels so good though lol  I have been thinking about getting busy though :O)  That's a start isn't it???

  I am very happy with the house though, its actually becoming my home very quickly. getting stuff put up on the walls, pics ect.  the wood stove works really good, matter of a fact it works alittle too good most of the time. The insulation that I had sprayed in is the best stuff I have ever seen. On days that it was in the - degrees I still had the window opened up alittle and the front door open and the glass window on the screen door cracked open a few inches as well.  People probably think that I'm stupid when they drive by and see the windows and door open lol  since I have moved in which was dec 22, I have burned maybe 1/2 a cord of wood. That's it. :O)  I had the propane tank partially filled when they fixed it. It was at 48 % and I checked it today and its at 32%  I run the hot water heater, cook stove and the propane wall furnace with it. cant remember exactly when I got it fixed but its been atleast 2 or 2.5 months ago. or longer.   Im really happy with the way it stays warm. I just hope that it works just as well this summer in keeping the heat out and the cold in :O) 
  I was also worried about rain noise, wind noise but I don't. the wind was blowing 30 mph constant with 45 mph gusts and I would just barely hear the gusts of wind. 
 Its been cold warm cold warm again and then mon and tues its going to be in the teens. Typical Kansas weather lol  Iv been working off and on this last week and next week.

  going to cut this short, sorry, will make up for it with my next post. I just really wanted to get on here and say hi to all my readers from all over the world :O)   Be safe all :O)