Saturday, March 26, 2011

been busy :O)

hi all :O) After being in my no motivation phase the other day, I decided that I would get busy making alittle extra money. I have been staying at my mom and dads old place and Dad was a pack rat of sorts when it came to car parts and metal of all types and sizes. He even has a caterpillar tractor that was built around 1930 something i believe, with a spare motor for parts. Unfortunately, we never got it going again before he passed away 2 yrs ago. Anyway, I have been hauling allot of the old junk iron to the salvage yard. So in a way he is helping finance my dream of gold prospecting and traveling :O) Thanks Dad, Rip Love you and Miss you.
So far I have hauled of 4 loads of junk with my tandem axle car trailer and still have more to go. Also found a pile of copper wire and pipe that I have been cleaning up so it will bring more money.
Cricket is still trying to be picky about what she eats, battle of the wills it is becoming. :O) She has been loving all the trips to the salvage yard, I head for the door and she thinks she needs to go!! The towns people thinks it funny when they see cricket and I on the tractor, She just loves it.
On other news, My uncle and I are going in together to buy a high banker and water pump to use in Colo this summer. Its a hon coop high banker and it recovers fine gold really good according to the reviews and forums that i have looked up. I hope it does :O) It will be here about mid April, they are in the process of building abunch more because of the high demand for them. Looking forward to getting it here and setting it up on the creek and running it to get familiar on how to set it up and water flow. I know :O) we wont find any gold around here but there is lead around and we can always feed to bird shot into it to simulate the "GOLD" :O) If it will keep lead in it then it will keep gold too.
Well, got to go get busy again. talk later all :O)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

not much going on

Hi all , just wanted to say hi. Not allot is getting done the last few days. Just not motivated for some reason. Getting hot already too, cricket doesn't like it and neither do i for that matter. The other day I grabbed the tub to reinstall it and I crunched it by accident. I imagine that it being so old and sunlight shining on it for yrs had alot to do with it being so brittle. Sooooo I am looking for one. I actually think that I have found a shower bottom that will work great. Like everything else though, it costs money!!! and money is short lol Going to haul some junk iron to the salvage yard to get some dollars ahead.
On another note cricket is refusing to eat her food, but she will eat the fried hotdogs and spam like a crazy dog :O) she really likes it. I might have to start weaning her off though lol She will get up and move to the other end of the bed when I put her regular dog food down. She will even turn her back on it lol Little brat.
Started pricing tires, ouch!!! best bang for the buck I have found so far is a 10 ply for 127.98 each. and I need 4 of them. Just have to bite the bullet and get them, no getting around it.

Windy today, imagine that some of the gusts were around 50 mph. was rocking the rv pretty good, cricket was looking at my wondering what was going on. The cat thought that we were moving the camper or something, she was meowing like she does when we do move lol They had us in a tornado watch so I went around and gathered everything up and put things away just in case we had to make a hasty move to get out of the path. Well, cricket wants to go outside for a while so I will talk to yo all later. :O) be safe.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

trailer improvements

just about forgot to get a before pic, so okay, its got one shelf up
already.. :O) I m tryn. lol

Not done with the top shelf yet, and yes the angle on the middle shelf was intentional :O)

what you cant see is the front of the trailer is rounded so i had to cut it with a jigsaw so it would fit up against the front wall snuggly. It was a pain in the a$$! but I got it and I even made ajig so the other two shelfs was easier. going to probably make another smaller shelf right below the top shelf too. Can never have to many shelfs or storage spots lol
I'm also mounting my tool box on the left side over top of the axle for weight distribution reasons and the generator on the right.. trying real hard to keep things balanced out and keep the weight down to a minimum.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

commercials that make you want to not buy the product

for me its the Spangels commercial about the new kung pao chicken thingy. Dont get me wrong, I love asian food. But that commercial is just not right lol What do you all think ?? :O)

wiring lights

it was a success :O) as you can see it was 99% successful lol have to work on one it looks like. If you all would have seen the mess under the back end of the RV you too would be impressed lol It looked like a giant robotic spider had made its lair under there or something like that. I got so frustrated with chasing old dead wires and bad wires that I got the cutters out and went to town!! I then started rewiring it from scratch. It was actually easier to do that then searching for a good wire under there. I imagine the one on the front is just a bulb, I hope. Not sure what I am going to tackle next,
For some reason, this RV has 16 inch rims on the front but 16.5 on the rear. Somebody switched something around so I have located 4 16 inch rims for the rear so that way they will all be the same size and tires will cost less for the 16's verses the 16.5's .. Might go and get them tomorow so i can dress them up with a new coat of paint and some new tires on them. Sadely, the tires on the old rims are like brand new but wrong size and they are dry rotted really bad. I dont trust them at all. Afraid that they will come apart and tear things all up in the process. anyway, :O) going to go look up some swivels for the seats... later all :O)

Friday, March 11, 2011

hi all :O)

Just thought i would get on here and say hi. I have busy with getting things in order here in the rv. Got the frig back the other day, ouch, had to get a new control module installed on it. I took it out myself with some help. Talk about a pain.... The thing was too big for the doorway, even with the door jamb removed it would have been still too big so we took it out the passenger side door lol wasnt easy is all i have to say. anyway, like i said, got it back and instead of fighting it again I took the passenger door off comepletly and then removed the seat and rearranged everything inside to make enough room. Worked pretty slick actually :O) Then got to put it all back together again lol Got it all hooked up and going, sure am enjoyn the extra room with this frig. The temp was a small dorm room size frig. Small.... I have all kinds of room now..
On another note, had to take my cricketdog to the vet thurs to get her teeth cleaned and her shots. She is not a happy camper about all that.. She had to have a couple teeth pulled. Poor little girl.. But she is doing great today and back to her old self, almost.
Turned the seat around backwards when i put it back in, not sure if i like it yet. I have to make a bracket for the "front" of the seat to get it to lean back. Right now when you sit in it it feels like your going to slide down hill out of it lol Been looking for some swivel seats out of a van to replace both of these but no luck yet.
really getting excited about heading my way towards colo for the summer :O) My dream is getting closer to becoming a reality!!! One of my goals on this odessy is too see a live bear in the woods in colo. Sounds goofy maybe but i have been to colo so many times and I have never seen a bear out there. SO that is one of my bucket list objectives :O) okay, enough rambeling for now. Here is some pics, I remebered about 3/4's of the way donw that i should have been taking pics all through the process but I didnt. Got carried away getting things done and forgot. I will try harder next time :O)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

trailer and motorhome

Trailer looks pretty good tucked in behind the home :O) Have to take apic of the before interior and the after for you all. Going to go get stuff monday and start on that project soon. later all :O)


I found a trailer finally :O) checked it out, liked it, bought it... Drove back home the 120 miles and it towed great, didn't bob around or bounce all around crazy on the bumps. It's a 6' x 10' cargo mate trailer. Brand new tires and it has been stored inside pretty much it whole life when not being used. Its got a side entrance door and double doors on the rear. Its going to work out just pretty much perfect for my needs. I have to build a couple of benches to mount some of my power tools on and to work on projects with. going to build some storage shelf and bins while I'm at it to help keep things in their places. I hope that i will be able to pick up some odd jobs here and there making carpentry repairs, welding and such. I will be making some of my craft things to sell at flea markets or farmer market type places. Who knows for sure, things change all the time.. All I know is the extra storage space is wonderful :O)