Thursday, December 29, 2011

assortment of pics

This is going to be the begging of my work shop and vehicle shed. I had just cut the axle out from under it . Gary picked it up with he track loader while I pulled the axle out from under the trailer. We then picked up the front of it and I cut the dolley assembly from under it and sat it down on some rail road ties. 

Finished for now, will go back later and re level it some more and start building the tin shed over the top and the sides. Will be closing in the west (left) side  and the east side will be left open so I can park the tractor and vehicles in out of the weather.  Now I need to locate some old power poles for the main structure.   

Just a sunset picture taken from my place.

This snow moved in the day ofter dropping the trailer down, it must of rained at least 2 inches before it snowed.  Would have been a really big snow storm if it had been cold enough.  Dang it   lol  I was ready to be snowed in for a few days. 

 Was driving to town and saw the snow stuck to the grass and thought it would make a cool picture, if I only had a real camera lol  

Tomorrow I go to town and meet with Terra, she is a great artist and she is going to draw crickets paw prints so they are life size and realistic in appearance so I can then go to the tattoo place and get them tattooed onto my arm where she used to stand and make paw indentations while we drove down the road.  Really excited about getting them, never really thought about getting a tattoo before but you only live once right?   

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas all, I hope you find Joy and Peace under your tree :O)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


its times like these that a house would be great lol  The cold weather moved in to quick, I don't have the footings in or the floor.  The trenchers injector pump went out so everything was delayed. So now I don't know when the footings and pipes will be put in the ground.  I have been just doing about nothing lol  Its been really cold. Should be cutting firewood, not today though. Aunt and uncles furnace has a broken heat exchanger and the repair crew is coming to fix it today. Have to baby sit them while they are in the house.  Not a bad job to do today lol  Surfing and watching tv for the day and staying warm.  got chilled last night ans still chilled.     Hope everyone is doing great :O)  

Monday, December 5, 2011


property pics

Just showing the rv parked on property and the power pole :O)

My New driveway into my property lol

Here is the trailer that I am going to cute the axle and dolly out from under it and lower it down onto some railroad ties then anchor it down so the wind wont blow it over. Then I'm going to build a lean too shed on both sides of it with a roof over the whole thing.

This is a bread box that I made whenI was a freshman in high school for my mom. I stole it back the other day :O)    a mouse or rat has chewed on it right below the roll top lid handle. Need to clean it up and sand out the chew marks and re stain it.