Wednesday, February 4, 2015

where does the time go

Hi all, Its been a while that's for sure.  Been so wrapped up with work and stuff that I just don't get to town for the Internet much. Would like to get it at the house but it is expensive. 
  All about I have been doing is working and sleeping.   Thank goodness winter is here. Now I can relax a bit.  Unfortunately, I have been sick with the flu since Sunday.  Not good, but I have lost some weight :O)   don't know how much and need to loose some more but its a start right? :O)  
  Patches has been fine, still the pain in the butt that she has always been.  If I sit down that's her que to jump up on my lap and go to sleep.  Stupid cat.

  I really haven't been up to much, went to a gun show a while back, bought me a Stevens crack shot single shot 22 rifle. I have wanted one of those since I was a kid, finally bought myself one. Its a rabbit slayer :O)   Sweet little gun :O)  Really happy with it.

  Had a issue with the water well on one of our nasty cold snaps, the water line where is comes out of the well casing and goes to the well house froze. Very unusually place for it to freeze. Its 3.5 ft under ground.  Nothing like getting up in the mourning and wanting to take a nice hot shower to only find out that there is no water. Thought it was the pressure switch at first but clayt brought on over and we put it on and no change. So we decided to pull the pump to check it. Only so many things can go wrong with a well system.  Had a hard time pulling the pipe fitting out of the side of the casing, got it finally only to discover that it was frozen and the coupler and down the black supply pipe. Thawed it out and water started flowing. Mind you, this is outside in the wind where the wind chill is about -5   yes people, :O) it was cold.  
  Then we went to put it back together,,  talk about another pain in the butt....   I had put a piece of pvc on the top for a handle. shouldn't have done that :O)  it kept bowing backwards so the coupler wouldn't line up. I tried, clayt tried then I tried again and got lucky. thank goodness :O)  put things back together and took a can of spray foam and sealed a few holes in the well house and on the electrical box. I think, that the heat bulb was creating a draft somehow and that's what froze the line. Its been even colder since then but knock of wood, It hasn't froze up since then.   Like I said, put it all together and then went in the house and filled the wood stove to capacity and stayed by it for  quite a while :O)  Uncle Gary stopped by and had to leave because it was so hot in the house lol And hes the guy that's always cold lol

  In other news, don't think I have told you all yet but the concrete floor is all complete in the garage now :O)  It is so nice. Just need a heating stove and some lights out the now so I can work in there.
  Had to get a new hydraulic line made for the tractor last weekend, blew one of the original hoses out,  new in 1999 guess I got my moneys worth out of it :O)  Love that tractor. Its just so danged handy. 

  Still haven't gotten the house totally done lol  still need carpet, mudding and taping in the bedroom, some paint, but hey :O)  its my place and I will get to it someday.  Most likely :O)

  well shoot, better go for now.  take care all and be careful :O)