Monday, February 28, 2011

not much progress

it seems like i taqke a step forward and then go sideways and then backwards 2 steps. Trying to get things wrapped up at the other place and its getting closer but still got things to do. Things just dont seem to mesh together sometimes :O) got to keep positive about things and move forward. Woke up early this morning to the patches making a gross yuck yuck sound and then a mess on the floor. gross!!! I dont know what she ate but I really hope she dowesnt eat snymore more of it!!! I think she is better now..
Its been really nice today and tomorrow is suposed to be just as nice, hope so, i really have alot of stuff to get done with the rv. getting closer to pulling out of here and hitting the road. figuring that i will head west towards colo then work my way to arizona by fall. Things can change quickly so I will say that that is what I would like to do but we will see when the time comes to go before i put it in concrete. Still looking for a cargo trailer to pull behind for my gold prospecting equipment and extra storage. Missed one by a few hrs, I knew i should have called when i first saw it on craigslist. Well, got to go. :O) talk later

Friday, February 25, 2011

cleaning day

I have been cleaning today, I looked in the oven and was shocked by its condition. how a oven can get dirty like that is beyound me lol it sure sneaks up and all of a sudden, its gross. anyway, got it cleaned up and decided to vacum the floor, then I started organizing my movies and stuff on the counter. Chased the cat with the vacum going. She is still pissy lol.
Cricketdog just watched with a look of humor (Iswear it looked like it) on her face. I then started measuring for the remodeling of the bathroom and the over storage above the front seats. I think i have it all figured out but i am sure it will change many times before i get done.
Going to supper at my aunt and uncles man she sure can cook good. and going to watch the gold show on discovery.
Still cold and snowy out, about 3 inches on the ground and about 18 degrees right now. The heater has been running constantly all day. They say its to get nice again and then back to crappy again. Dont know if its the cold making the air mattress go down or if i have a hole in it. I really hope theres not ahole in it. anyway :O) got to go 4 now. later

Thursday, February 24, 2011

loss of a friend

got some disturbing news the other day, a friend passed away in his sleep the other day. He was a good guy that had a huge heart and was always looking for things to laugh about. would do anything for you or be the first to offer his help. I was his boss at work but I was also his friend and enjoyed his company. I used to call him pork chop and he called me shrek lol
RIP mike RIP..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

just saying hi

Today is over cast and cooler but still not cold like it has been. Not much going on today, just went through abunch of stuff that i had in my treasure trunk. mainly photos. talk about walking down memory lane lol found some pics that was very important to me that i had thought lost forever. Guess it would pay to look and organize stuff once in a while.
Still working towards getting all my stuff organized sorted and ready to sale. or just plain give away to get rid of it all. Down sizing is a liberating and at times a almost painful thing. It is simply amazing how attached people can get to the stupidest stuff. lol Havnt gotten very far on the remodeling, was working on the frig and thought i had it going but nope. Guess I will be taking it to someone that has a clue about frigges..
Organizing the front over head attic area today too, have to still build the shelfs and such but I am getting closer to getting things figured out and where to put things.
Well, got to go for now, talk alittle later to you all :O)

Friday, February 18, 2011

picture of patches

this is patches sleeping in her bed. I know, spoiled is not the word for this cat lol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

intertainment area in the rough

this is my intertainment area, and i am sorry about this blog being kinda messy and confusing right now but I am learning as i go.

and this is after i got done :O) I had a rat problem that i was not aware of while the motorhome was in storage. needless to say i do not like rats at all. Didnt like them before but i really dont like them now.... The rat made his home under the tub where i could not get to it at all so I had to tear it out to clean the mess up. I believe that i am going to remodel it in there to make more room for cat itter box and storage. Going to make a outside shower. Not planning on staying in cold climates so the outside shower should work out. plus i havea large wash tub for a bath if absolutly nessecaary..

catching up

Hello all, not much is going on except that i got more of my stuff from the old place yesterday. Went okay i guess. Done alot of lifting and with my back thats not a really good things. So today I am taking it easy for a while. Cricket is ralaxing in the castle with patches while i am at the library injoying the free internet connection. The weather has been really nice the last few days, alittle breezy but very nice. 74 today for a high yeehaaa lol Going to go back to the home stead and pull the 3way frig out to work on it or take it to get fixed and put the apt size one in its place for right now luntill i get the 3way going again.
tooka few pics which i will share with you.

warmer weather :O)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

alittle history

just sitting here watching some tv and being lazy actually :O) The cold weather has finally relented. had been really really cold for a while. Like -25 wind chill on some days.. Was quite a chalenge to keep things from freezing and just staying warm period. right now I have power from my sisters place and thank god for that. Alittle history is probably in order so this blog will make some kind of sense on how I ended up in the motor home. I was in a realationship that was not working for either one of us so we decided to go our own ways. So after 10 yrs we are no longer. We had alot going for us, a really nice place in the country with room to run around alittle with all the wild life you could ever want to see. Turkys, deer, bobcats, coyotes, badgers, ect. about anything that lifes wild in kansas we had running around our place. But, as nice as it was we were not happy. I hada very demanding and stressful job that required me to be gone for 10 12 and sometimes more hours than that. My companion had some medical issues that had to be takin care of so after approx 17 surgeryies (8 alone on a hernia surgury on her stomach) she is finally better but with complications from the surguries.
needless to say, between the job and surguries we drifted apart as a couple. we were together but not as a couple. It saddens me to think about her because I still care for her but its just not possible to be together anymore. Soooo, here i am living in the motor home making improvements as i go along. more later all :O)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

figuring out this blog stuff

Bear with me people, I am not a computer guru in any shape or form!!! so this is a trial and error type of thing here untill i get it to rolling.. :O)