Monday, December 14, 2015

what can I saylol

I got bored the other day, didn't really want to do anything major. Was feeling rather lazy honestly but couldn't imagine wasting the intire day so I made this...

as you can see I started with a spark plug, then I made the wings out of some old fence staples, the legs are old allen wrenches, then I took a old spring, stretched it out some to make the antennas and welded everything together to make this "bug"   lol
be safe all :O)

Thursday, December 10, 2015


  hey all, Not much has been going on around here. Just work mainly and nothing else it seems like. I did cut some more firewood the other day but I have yet to hook up the log splitter and split any of the bigger chunks. Passing myself I guess. 
  After the ice storm I have been busy at work clearing limbs and trees from the roadways on my route, done now but I have been getting a lot of free firewood that way as well. It wont be ready to burn until next winter since its "green" wood right now. Has to cure before it will be fit to burn. I'm not a big fan of burning any type of green wood, causes to much soot creosote build up in the chimney.
  I did get my uncle to get up on the roof to see if there was any loose screws that might of caused the leak in the roof but didn't find any to speak of. Found a couple crooked ones but not even close to where it was leaking so its still a mystery.  Frustrating.
  I did get another post put in the ground tonight on the west fence, sure is slow going during the week now that the sun sets so early in the afternoon. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend, that's if it doesn't rain and snow like they are predicting.  One of the guys at work keeps asking me if I have it done yet, I asked him why he was so interested in it being done and he just laughed and said you will see lol  And then he said something about a miniature donkey.   Not sure if hes just joking around or if he is serious lol  
  well, I just wanted to really say hi to you all :O)  so I will quit rambling on and just say goodnight and be safe all .    talk to you soon and will post some more pictures of some stuff one of these nights.  If it rains and snows this weekend I will catch you all up on here. 
oh yea, saw something interesting on tv tonight, it was about a guy that thought he was dieing so he hide a treasure and gave some hints about where its at. Maybe you've already heard about this but its new news to me lol  His name is Forrest Finn or maybe Fenn.  google it and it will pop up lol  kinda interesting.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

fence, ice storm and random :O)

  We got hit by a ice storm the otherday, luckily I only lost power for about 12 hrs. Not like 2007 (i think)  7 days without real power that time.  I had to go to work sat night and didnt get home untill around  4 am.  Was really happy to be home and ready for bed only to find out that for some reason my roof had been leaking.  it was dripping off my cieling fans pull chain.  Not a good end to a long day.  I took a water bath canning pot and stuck it under the drip after stripping the bed down to the dust might prevention sheet, thats what the people called it at the store so I bought it lol  I do not like bugs of any sorts lol better safe than sorry. And yes I wash my sheets and bedding regularly so dont start thinking Im a pig lol   If I didnt have that sheet thingy then my mattress would have been soaked and it would of been a real bad mess then.  I then about 30 minutes later went back in and put some paper towels in the bottom of the container to cushion the water drips hitting the bottom of the steel bottom.  It was really loud, exspecially when the electricity is out and there is no back ground noice at all. 
  I got up the next day after sleeping on the couch, no its not comfortable for a talk guy. I did some bitching a mouning about it then got busy and made a ice remover. The roof had a inch of ice all over it. I ripped a 2x4 then screwed it together so it was about 14 ft long and cut a wedge shape on the end so it could get under the ice easier so it would pop the ice loose.  GOT MY UNCLE TO COME UP AND RUN THE TRACTOR FOR ME WHILE i STOOD IN THE BUCKET AND REMOVED THE ICE.  Oops, fat fingered the cap key again.   It really worked alot better than I thought it would. I even survived his driving lol  Thanks again uncle gary :O)
  The only think that I can think is that maybe one of the screws that is holding the tim down isnt tight enough. They have little rubber washers on them to seal them against the tin. I found one close to the edge kinda loose so I am thinking that is probably the problem. two and a half year brand new tin shed roof shouldnt be leaking.   The ice was melting but it was draining off the roof between the tin and the ice. It looked like a tiny river under the ice moving really slow so I am thinking that normally in a rain storm the water is moving too fast to be a problem but with the ice it was holding in place alot longer and it was leaking through the loose screw washer.   That or else theres a hole in the roof and I will be at a loss  on how that happened.  We have nice weather for the rest of the week so I am safe that way, going to tighten the screws on the roof and check it for holes. Other than that I will be at a total loss if it still leaks.
  So after all that I took the top mattress into theliving room and put it on the floor so I didnt have to sleep on that damned couch again lol  Would of been a good nights sleep if it wasnt for the pig of a cat that I have. Patches thought I had put it on the floor for her!!!!  She was trying to hog the whole thing to herself all night.  Stupid cat. :O)
And here is some pictures of what I have been up too lately
First fire of the year,  That was about two weeks ago. :O)
I know I have talked about this before but I cant say enough good stuff about the little fan on top of the stove. No batterys or plug in, just uses the heat from the stove to make some sort of energy to run the little electric motor to turn the fan blades.  Its really worth the money, bought it at orchelns. Was about 120 dollars but it really work great, exspecially in my little 700 sq ft house. Doesnt take much of a fire to get it to turning either. :O)
And cut some more trees down to make room for the fence, thought I was done a while back but got to looking around and realized that if we got a ice storm or a wind storm the trees would end up laying on my brand new fence. Didnt take long to decide to work alittle harder and make more firewood.  I have enough now for two yrs or more.

Corner posts getting put in with cross brace (which is a grader blade) and cross wires.
I have since put the woven wire up and the one strand of barbed wire along the top.

another view. all I have left to do is the west fence now. Posts and wire and will be done with the perimiter fence. Then I get to start on the interior pens :/  It will never end lol

This is just a pic of the alley way that I had to make for the north fence, will grow back soon enough I imagine.
The north gate posts.  That is part of Cricket Lane, I called it that back when cricket was still with me and we were still parked up at my aunt and uncles place. After I got the land from them I took the tractor and mowed a walking path to the property so Cricket could walk with out having to fight the tall grass.  Hence "Cricket Lane"   :O)
Just some ice on the cloths line.

Whats wrong with this picture?  Anyone?

Random pic looking threw the tomato plant cages. No :O( I didnt take them down yet. I need too but I guess I have been busy with the fence or just being lazy lol

Another random Ice pic, looking threw a old rabbit cage. Looked cooler looking threw it with my eyes.

Ghost signs  lol

thats what was falling off the trees this afternoon when I got home. Wasnt safe to walk under the trees. It was raining ice chunks. When I was at work I had to cut a limb off and a piece fell on my forehead, dang thing cut me ..   Actually bled like a stuck hog lol with all the blood you would of thought i had to get a dozen stitches lol  but it was just a couple of scrapes.  Next time I will be wearing my hard hat to do that...

The picture doesnt do this any justice, these are canadian snow geese and they stretched left and right of this pic along ways. My guess is there was atleast 1000 geese out there. Honestly, I think there was alot more than that.

Well, thats about it for this update. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving :O) 
Be safe all :O)
  Well *^^$##. my spell check isnt working. Had to take it into the shop the otherday, it was all jacked up. Not sure why but it wouldnt work anymore. He got it fixed but every once in a while I find something that not working or not working properly. Soooooo :O)  Sorry about the mistakes but thats me      Talk later with you all :O)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Windy Veterns day

I have the day off today and trying to work outside without being blown away. Some of the gusts are probably 45 mph. Was cleaning up some of the loose brush and tree limbs laying around where I am putting the north fence.  The wind has actually blown some dead limbs out of the trees, one came crashing down beside me earlier and just about made me pee myself alittle lol  Two feet closer at it would have drilled me in the head pretty good. Decided then that I was going to take a break until it calmed down a bit.
  So I came in the house to look up gates on the web. They sure don't give them away :O(  Guess the gates will wait till later. I did find a home made one that actually looks pretty good at the landfill the other day, funny how I take a load down there but I always seem to bring aload back with me lol Its simply amazing what some people will throw away.
I could be doing some stuff out in the shop but a break is sounding better.  Had to back off from doing so much lately, was catching up too me.   Had a doctors appointment yesterday, the doctor saw my scratched up arms (from hedge trees and Barbed wire) and wanted to know just what I was doing to get so tore up lol  told him and he said that it would be better if I paid someone to do it lol  I told him he was welcome to come out and help and he started making funny noises lol  Hes a good guy but I doubt if he gets out much in the yard.  
  Random, I have a visitor counter on my blog and it also shows me where people are from most of the time.  I really get a kick out of seeing all the different places that visitors are from. I have regulars that are from all over the world.   A lot of you are from here in the United states :O)  To you all I say Hi..  Some times a town will pop up where I actually know or have known people in, I wonder sometimes if its someone I might know.  Here a while back I changed the settings so anyone can post a comment, used to be you had to be a member (follower) friends told me that it was a pain in the butt to make comments and at times it didn't seem to work at all. I hope that I changed it and it works. So if you want to make a comment feel free too :O)   Good or bad lol
  In other news, as I have said before my mom uncle and I had started making it a regular occasion to go to the local bar for supper. Here a while back they had to close down because of the building owner wasn't paying the taxes or something of that nature. They finally got permission to move their business down the street to the old restraint/ hangout. Had to get permission from the state and the city because it is located close to a church. Everyone said it was OK so they are working to get it all cleaned up and fixed up. Will be open in a few weeks they say, will be nice to start our Friday night suppers again :O)  They have a really good chicken fried steak on Friday nights. Not sure what the schedule will be when they open back up, hope its still the same. 
  The local artist, I have had her paint and sketch several things for me. She was commissioned to paint a mural for the front of one of the businesses in town, well long story short it took her about 7 years to complete it. There is 3 huge panels with portraits and scenes from my home town. Its really cool. I will take pictures of it and post them here so you all can see it.   
  Going to go do something in the shop, not sure what but if I don't get up and going I'm afraid that this lazy boy chair will seduce me into taking a nap :O)  So I will visit with you again later and be safe all .

Sunday, November 8, 2015

fence update and random pics

Hi all, I'v been busy working on the fence some more. Just about have all the trees trimmed back for the fence to go in. There was some dead ones that was just waiting for a wind storm to blow them down so I cut them down so they wouldn't tear up the new fence. Plus it gives me more firewood for the winter.
  Its been getting colder around here, got down to 31 degrees the other morning. :O)  I love the colder weather, sure makes it easier to work outside and not over heat.  The garden is done for the year, got one last bunch of zucchini last weekend, gave them to mom for making more zucchini bread :O)  She sure enjoys making it for people.. 
   Took the ac unit out of the window today too, probably get hot again just because of that lol Cleaned the ac unit up, washed it out and blew the nastys out of it. Amazing how dirty that thing gets during the summer. The hornets sure made it their home this summer, was a big wasp nest in there..
Not a good picture but I took the deer picture last weekend just across the road from my place.  His name is "Jerky" :O)  

Picture of the fence, south east corner. at the time of this picture I still had to put the wire ties on the fence.

This is the 2x4 fence stretcher I had made to make it tight. Pretty simple, two 2x4's drill three holes through both boards at the same time so the holes line up. put the bolts in and you ready to stretch fence. Just have to tighten the bolts so that it will pinch the wire between the two 2x4's.

As you can see I was using the tractor as a anchor, hooked the chain to the comalong and hook it to the tractor bucket and tighten.

Got some more power poles to make more fence posts, There are about 17 all together.

This is what the north fence area looked like before I got started on it. Cant even see the other end.

There you can see the other end, I cut some more of the trees out after this picture was taken.  You would think that with all the trees and brush getting removed and the ground being torn up that there wouldn't be any critters around at all but there still is. The next day after really messing things up, I walked down and was looking around and there was deer tracks all over the place plus the covey of quail that live around here was scratching around in the disturbed dirt.

Random pic with some history, these old steel wheels have been in the family for a long time, My mom with her sisters and brothers used to play on this thing when they were kids, in turn us kids played on it. Which in turn our children played on it as well.   I hope that some day my grand kids will get to play on it as well :O)  
  Its really not all that safe actually lol  you have to sit on the "axel" and hold onto the bars that are used by another person to either push or pull you around.  Had to keep your arms and feet out of the spokes that's for sure. You would learn pretty quick not to get tangled up in them lol  It was cheap intertainment and you had to use your imagination as well :O)  
And you made sure that who ever was pushing you wasn't pissed off at you too lol

You have seen the pickup on the right before, its dads old 1940 gmc, the other two pickups are 1950 fords. The middle one was my granddads, he bought it brand new (im pretty sure he did anyway)
The other 50 ford on the left is one that my uncle had picked up somewhere for parts.

If you look past the corner post down through the gape you can see the other corner post. That's where I have to run the ffence on the west side.  will be interesting to say the least. :O)

some of the trees that I have cut down to make room for the fence.

here is the other pile of trees. Yes, I will have plenty of firewood this winter. most of it was dead standing trees. There was just a few live trees. They will be good for next years fires.

This is my logging tongs, they sure are handy.

dang, got tired all of a sudden :o/  so I think I will get off here and go to bed. Been along day.  
So be safe all and visit with you all later :O)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Four Years

  My little CricketDog, It was four years ago tonight that I lost my little friend. At times it still makes me sad. She kept me sane and safe from myself at a very dark and bleak time in my life. She was my one main constant ray of sunshine and hope through many of dark times.  Most people don't know how very important she was to me, just how much I loved that little dog. For almost 12 years she was a trusted and devoted companion. I thought more of her than most people I knew.
I have yet to get another little friend, but the day will come I imagine that I will. Just not the right time yet I guess. 
  I miss her.
I know that if there is a heaven, she is there :O)  I hope to see her again someday.
Be safe all, talk to you all alittle later.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

more pictures of fence and random

This is another time saving idea, Took some trash to the land fill the other day. Came back with more than I took down I think lol  Found this push lawn more and took the handles off to use as my wire unroller thingy. Works pretty slick..  Got to do some revamping on it like make a piece of pipe fit between the lower end and put a couple of spacers on it so the wire roll stays in the middle.
First wire strung and getting ready to unroll the woven fence wire, no I don't have anything made for doing that job but I am working on it. Some how I am going to make a pipe that will fit down the hole in the middle of the wire roll stand up straight so all I have to do is either attach it to the rear or the front of the tractor. Will take pictures when I build it and use it.

East side strung up too.

Okay :O)  east side wire strung up again

Rolled it out along the ground old school way, tiring way :O)

Looks kinda sad right now, just trying to get it to stand up along the posts so I can stretch it tight with the comalong (sp) hand winch basically.  I also used the tractor as well but for some reason I didn't take a picture of that. I also made another contraption out of two 2x4's that I drilled 3 holes into them. I then put bolts in them so I could clamp the 2x4's together with the wire in between.  That way I could attach a chain close to each end and stretch the wire tight. Hope that made sense. Sometime my explanations only make sense to me lol

as you can see, it worked because this pic shows it tightened.

Just a closer look at the craftsmanship and skill that it was installed :O)  Ya right lol 

a view from the front door of the fence.  Looking south, like that matters .

I was trying to get a nice picture down the fence to show that it actually is straight.

Another rattle snake I found on my route at work, looks really big in this pic but he was only about 18 inches long. little guy. I have been see a lot of them this year.
Was riding around my route one morning and was really feeling good and enjoying the morning and this song came on so I shot this  video of the countryside. tried sending it to a friend and it wouldn't. So I am trying it on here, hope it does.
Yes, that is my fat belly, I fell onto a piece of equipment while I was cleaning the windows, Feet slipped off and I landed on a thingymabob attached to the mower platform. Everything cleared except for my fat roll.  It just about made me pee myself alittle. It HURT....   That was about 2 weeks ago and it still looks a lot like that but its a lot more yellow now.  

this my uncle Vern, we were helping him move into his new place (new to him that is)  we were giving him a hard time and made him wear the improvised "Dunce" cap :O)   and yes, that is a livestock trailer that we used as a moving trailer :O)  yes, we are a bunch of red necks lol 

in other news, the garden is just pretty much done. Picked the last of the zucchini today, and the cherry tomato plants are just about done producing. My corn never made it thanks to the deer and coons. :O( I was really looking forward to having some sweet corn this year. Its about time to go get some manure and get the garden ready for winter.
  The weather has been really nice lately, fall is here. The trees leafs are changing colors and the critters are all scurrying around getting what they can for food. Ex specially the rats....  The damned rats.....   grrrr.
  The other morning it was thirty eight degrees,  nice sleeping weather to say the least.  :O)  I cant believe it but Saturday morning I got up and went outside to work on the fence. It was cloudy windy and down right chilly. I actually got my insulated shirt out and put it on. Uncle Gary came by and couldn't believe I had my "coat" on lol  usually I don't put it on until its really cold.  Getting to be home made bread weather along with some roasts cooked on the wood stove.  I don't know if its my imagination or not but it sure seems to taste better when its made on the wood stove :O)  I actually found my antique tin oven, I thought I had lost it but it was in dads old shop. I need to get it so I can take it apart to make a pattern out of it, its not in very good shape. rust mites have been working on it pretty hard.  Take it apart then build me a new one to use on top of the wood stove during the winters. That way I can avoid using the propane stove and save some money in the long run. :O)
Well all, better go for now. The washer and dryer is calling my name :O(    Take care and be careful everyone, talk to you all alittle later :O)    Be safe.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

alot of pictures.

  Not sure if anyone would be interested in how to build your own steel post driver but that's what this blog is about. I hate spending money for something that I can make so here is my very own driver I made in 2 hrs the night before last.  as you all know I have been building new fences around my place and I bought t-posts the other day but wasn't about to spend ( I don't know what they cost) good money on a cheap driver that you work you ass off driving the posts into the ground because they are made so light weight.
  So I went scrounging around my treasure (junk iron) piles and found most of what I needed, had to go to the holy of holy junk piles alittle north of me :O)  Peggy don't you tell Gary I was up there pilfering his iron pile :O)   So anyway, here are the pictures and I will give each one a little explanation as I go :O)
This is a piece of left over pipe from the cross bracing on the corner posts and a piece of iron off a old Something or other machinery.
Same pieces but after trimming and cutting. Took the ends off the pipe, on I squared off but the other I cut at a angle. So it wont catch on the wire while driving the post in. Around here we string one wire between the corner post or use a string line so when setting the post you can keep them in a neat orderly line. At least you try too lol

Here I have used the torch (oxygen and acetylene) big torch, not a hand held one like one you use for sweating copper pipes, anyway, that's another topic for another blog.
I used the torch to heat the metal bar so I could bend another 90 degree turn in the other end of it..

and there you go, starting to look like some over grown handles.

hmmm, same pic as above, oops

This is the chop saw I used to cut the pipe and some of the steel rod for the handles. I also used the torch on the handle too to make some of the cuts. if you look close I used the grinder to put a beveled edge on the end of it so when I weld it to the pipe the weld will penetrate between the cracks better and make a stronger weld.

Just a pic of the other grinder I used as well.  some times its easier to use the big one for big grinding jobs instead of the hand held one.

This is the torch that I used,  gotta love big boy toys :O)

This is the wire welder.   I have a stick welder too but wire welders work so much better (most of the time) stick welders have their uses as well, like when I'm welding big heavy iron.

Here it is getting ready to be welded, all the pieces cut bent and prepped, Most all.

Here you can see where I have used a 2x4 and some 1/2 inch particle board to shim it up so I can get the proper angle on the handles. Don't really want them sticking straight out the sides or you may take a chance of hitting the strand of barbed wire while you driving the t post in.  Like I said earlier, you can use a string line or a strand of barb wire for a guide to keep it straight up and down as well as in line with the other posts.  Anyway :O) 
 the horse shoes on the right of this picture is going to be a coat rack soon.

There the handles are welded onto the pipe. Not the prettiest welds but it will hold :O)

Here  I am using a piece of the pipe I had cut off earlier as a pattern to cut out the "plug" for the top end of the driver. Its made out of 3/8 steel plate. Used the torch to cut it out.

The end that needs the plate welded to it.

There the plate is welded in, again, not pretty but effective.

this picture got out of sequence, that's the plug after cutting chipping the slag off and grinding it down so it fits about 1/2 way into the pipe end. A lot of weld holds it in place. that is the end that the t post will trike each time you pick it up and let it slide back down on the post while pulling it down as well. 

Here is the finished and painted product, like I said 2 hrs from start to finish.

Here it is on its maiden fence post driving.  worked just wonderfully.  Operator is a little flawed but it all turned out pretty good.

This is east of the drive way. just waiting on one strand of barbed wire on the top and then the rolled fencing for the bottom.  Will look pretty good even if I do say so myself :O)

Looking to the west of the driveway, yes unfortunately, I have 3 more fence to build and that's just to get the property fenced in. After that I have to start building the pen fences.  Not sure when I'm actually going to get done but hopefully I will :O)

and there it is after a hard day at work, That is a stand that is made out of a model t rear end housing. Works pretty good for that and also a "jack" stand as well.

random pick, this old air compressor will one day be a wood fired BBQ grill.

  I hope I didn't bore you all too bad, just wanted to share the building process with you.
got to go so take care and be safe all :O) talk later to you.