Sunday, May 29, 2011

cannon city co

   made it to here at least :O)    Its kinda warm here.  Cricket is not happy about it at all  :O)   But its a dry heat Gary and Peggy  lol  just like the winter is a dry cold  :O)     It sure is nice to see the mountains again,  I cant believe that I have made it here for the intire summer.  Its still sinking in,  got a hard head I guess  :O)   No problems so far and getting ready to head to a place by salida to camp for the rest of the day and night, might just stay a day or 2.  I'm using Hastings book store free wifi to post this.  Pretty cool.       later all  :O)  

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 hi all :O)  left thursday and ended up at the ottowa co lake in ks.  took some cool pics will have to post later, this connection is not very good.  I had some friends that invited me to come out there and camp with them so I did.  Only planned on one evening and part of the following day but we weere havn so much fun and catchn fish that I stayed a extra night.  they sure was sad to see me packing up to go on my way.  Jay and Margaret told me that I had better come back soon or else  lol  left there and have been on the road all day. Ended up here in Eads colo for the night.  Cricket is pissed off!!  nothing but sand burrs around here...  got one in her foot and one stuck to her but when she sat down to get the first one out.  Found a spot for her to safely walk around but shes still not happy.   
  Figured up my milage on one tankl full of gas,  got 8.9 mile per gallaon!!!     yeehaaaa   lol   hey, better than 6.8 mpg   but i did have the wind behind me all day though which was nice.  The traffic has been very little today actually,  I was just about the only out here.      better go for now,  will post pics when I get a better signal.    Nite all  :O)   

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am out a here  :O)   the beginning of another chapter in my life......   Thanks again everyone that has made it possible for this too happen. Thankyou you for your suport. 
   Cricket, patches and I will be in touch.        :O)    

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

plans for thursday may 25 2011

  I will be pulling out and hitting the road finally tomorrow  :O)    Got most all things done and what isn't done, I am closing my eyes and will do them later on.....      Gong to see mom, Bennie my sis and then taking off.   Will try to keep things updated and photos posted and much as i can.  I am going to try to see everyone that I can tomorrow to let them know that I am leaving.  If I miss seeing you then I will see you when I see you :O)  I will keep in touch though.   really excited and nervous, hoping that all goes good and no break downs or problems but I am prepared as much as I can be for it if it does happen.  
  I want to thank everyone that has helped me get this far is full filling this dream of mine.  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Without your help and kindness I would not be doing this this soon.  Thank you.....
  Going to go to bed and get some rest, been a really busy day tieing up the last few loose ends.  I am as ready as I will ever be for this. :O)     nite all

Monday, May 23, 2011

new pump

went to town and bought a new water pump, things are back on track :O)  took it to the creek tonight and it ran everything just fine.    Took a bite out of the savings account but necessary.  I think, that I am just going to have too close my eyes to some of the projects that i wanted to get done before I left.  tired tonight,  big day again tomorrow.   Going to get some sleep...   night all :O)

catching up

hi all:O)   Well, we took the high banker to the creek.  No, not rich yet  lol   matter of a fact, we got to kinda run it for just a few minutes because we run into major probs with the water pumps motor.  It was a used motor but thought that it was a good one.   Nope,  not a good one...   So we loaded it all up and I have been on the search for another water pump.  Located one in manhattan so will be headed there shortly to pick it up. 
  Had the "surprise" going prospecting party yesterday,  had a really great time just visiting with everyone..  Really was a nice day.    got see my sis from ramona, dont get to see her that often.   Thankyou bennie for all you have done too  :O)   
  willhave to write more later though, got to go get the pump....    :O)  later all

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Didnt forget :O)

Happy Birthday mom   :O)    Hope you have a great evening.  Love you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

x-mas in may :O)

 The highbanker showed up  hehe   Cant wait to get it too the creek and give it a cleaning and too run it for a while...  Load it back up, got to the surprise bbq  and then head out anytime i want too after the 22nd of this month, just a few days away.  Really looking forward too hitting the road and getting out to colo :O)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

LOL matt is at it again

Old car+rat nest + cutting torch+matt =  oh chit batman!!!    LOL    A picture is worth athousand words is all I can say about this  :O) 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Old school house

  My mom, her brothers and sisters went to school here, they lived about 2  miles from here.  And yes they walked to school and it was up hill each way  :O)   When it rained the creek came up and  either they couldnt get out or in to the house.
  It sure has seen better day though, buzzards are living in the attic this spring.   You can almost hear the kids playing in the yard  and the old water pump filling a bucket.   

Monday, May 9, 2011

the first road trip

Friday I took off and went to Peggy and Gary's place for the meatball supper :O) was delicious again. Decided to stay there for the night and had a peaceful nights rest for a change, no dogs barking at all hours of the night, no traffic driving by all hours of the night, no train horn waking me up. Not a single noise but the leaves rustling in the breeze and the crickets chirping :O) got up and around sat morning ans headed to town to fill the propane tanks and to get some other stuff from the elevator before heading to the lake.
We pulled into the lake and found a spot around 2 and set up camp, not hardly anyone around. About 3 hrs later there was plenty of people around and why is it that they all seem to think that you want to listen to their music cranked up really loud?? It wouldn't be so bad if they kept it at a sensible level but nnnooooo, they have to turn it up so everyone at the lake can hear it too....
It wasn't all that bad actually but I sure could have enjoyed it more without the noisy ones. Sat there and watched the camp fire for along time, had a few marsh mellows. Even put one marsh mellow on a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, not too bad but it was a little rich though :O) finally called it a evening about 130 am and slept like a baby :O)
Got up the next morning and headed for town to discover that a heater hose was leaking anti freeze. uugg but better now then on the road out there in the middle of no wheres ville.. Fixed it and ready to go for another shakedown trip. Got to make a few improvements to the camper and one major to the trailer to make things allot easier and better all around.
On another side note, its getting freaking hot around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got to go, cricket wants to go outside :O) later all :O)

Friday, May 6, 2011

camping :O)

Going to take the rv out for the first road trip today, going to fill propane tanks and fuel tank. :O( uuggg Then going to go to Peggy and Gary's for a meatball supper!! God I love those things. Have to post the recipe later. anyway, then I might drive to the lake this evening or sat morning and set up and just chill out and do some fishing!! With any luck, we will have fish for supper. Don't know what else but will come up with something. Maybe some fried taters? mac and cheese? and I forgot to get the marsh mellows!! oops. Got to go haul one last load of stuff to the storage trailer and then I am done with that. Later all :O) have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freaked out cat lol

LOL the cat has gotten into hitting the screen door for some reason. I started locking it because she would hit it and it would fly open and stay open. Not wanting bugs in the rv I started locking it and she got really used to it not opening when she pounced against it lol. Yep, I forgot to lock it and just a while ago she hit it and out she went!! in about 2 seconds she was about 100 yds from the rv and she was not happy about being outside at all. She was meowing and all puffed up. She actually came to me after alittle coxing. Cricket was worried about her and went straight to her before she even made a noise that I heard. Got her back in and she is calmed down now but she is staying away from the door lol Could have been a bad deal but it all turned out good :O)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

moving stuff

I moved my tool boxes and other stuff from my dads old garage today with the help of my nephew clayt, Thank good he is such a good sport by helping me.. I have decided today that this is the next to last time that i will be moving my stuff!! I will move it one more time if I find the right place to make ahome and new life for myself. I will move the stuff to that said fabled place and there it will remain until Death!!! lol or it will all be sold at discount prices and I will go to the next new fabled place and buy all new stuff ooorrrr the money will be used for purchasing me room and board at a old folks home :O) I do not like packing or unpacking!! and dang sure don't like moving all that stuff!!! there. lol going to bed now to recover I hope!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

its may

Well folks, its may and I have just a few weeks to get the last things done and to see special people that I want to say by too. I am so ready to go do this, its been along time in becoming a reality for me. :O)

Just caught the news on tv saying that osama bin lauden (sp) is dead. Wonder what is going to happen now? Cant imagine that he didnt have a back up plan for this.. Hope not.
talk later all.