Tuesday, July 8, 2014

:O) hi

Hi there all, I have finally made it to the library on a day off from work.  I have I said that work is entirely over rated? sure it allows you to buy the things you want and think you need but it sure cuts down on the time you have to goof off. :O)  
I really haven't been up to much honestly, just work, keeping the house mostly clean, mowing the grass. you know, the mind numbing stuff. But even that in itself is gratifying too, lets you know that you are alive.
I still haven't gotten the house finished, might not get that far :O)  If I keep it ugly then I don't have to worry about anyone wanting to stay. 
The fourth of July was dads birthday, wanted to get on here and say happy birthday on the fourth but didn't make it so Happy Birthday Dad.   Didn't do much for the fourth, I did go out to my uncles place (Tinkers) and visited with all his family. Had a pretty good time.  I saw the fireworks display in my home town this year, I have to admit that it was pretty dang good.  Might be a small town (around 500 pop ) but they out did a lot of other bigger towns. Again, pretty good show.
These pictures below are just random pics that I have taken over the last months.
The walk way I made right before the major snow storm. Got tired of walking in the mud to get too the house. As you can see the snow kind a drifted around in front of the house and door. I had to go out the big shop door and then around to the front to shovel the snow so I could get the door open.


There is the drift in front before I shoveled it.

This is my new to me frig :O)  Its only one year old. works great, got it for 150.00

wood stove and stuff, random photo lol

This is the garden, not much of one but its a garden, got some tomato plants, pepper plants and some sweet corn but the deer are eating the corn before it ripe enough to eat for me. f it was cooler I would have to contemplate about putting one of them in the freezer :O)

Went outside just the other evening and this one lone thunder storm head was in the sky,  looks like a giant smoke column.  Late there were some really major storm that moved threw the area.
Here a few weeks ago we had some major wind, about 80 mph. It was blowing out of the east too. My place is tucked in behind a wind break of trees for the most part, tree line on the west north and part of the east side but that gap on the east let a lot of wind threw. Was the first time I heard the wind roar like that. Unusually I don't know the wind is blowing unless I step outside but I sure knew it that day.  So my tin shed house has been wind tested up too 80 mph and no problems.  :O)  Knock on wood.....
I am really happy with the insulation too, Its been in the 90's several times so far the summer and I have a small ac unit (supposed to cool up too 150 sq ft) and its cooling the whole place. well :O)  all 700 sq ft of it but it keeps it at a average temp of 72 to 75 degrees . It does warm up pretty quick when I have the stove top going cooking and the oven really warms things up too but doesn't take long to cool back down when I am done. I do have a fan in the bedroom pushing the ac air out into the kitchen and living room plus another in the living room circulating it but it works pretty good :O)
  My last electric bill was 89.00. I'm not complaining, I hear others talk about their bills and I feel very fortunate.  I used about  one and a half cords of wood last winter to heat my house and we had some pretty dang cold days this year. so all in all I am pretty satisfied with my choice to have that type of insulation sprayed into my house. 
  I am working on putting my concrete forms up in the shop to pour the floor, going to do it in three stages, to old and fat to do it all at one time. Got to approach things a little differently now a days :O)  Will be nice to have a concrete floor in the shop that's for sure. tired of tracking dirt into the house form the shop. Ex specially when I have to use a shop vac to vacuum the floors. Working on getting a regular house vacuum soon.
got my cloths line up, using today as I type this up. I have to go back home this afternoon and mow, again, need to weed eat too but I believe I will wait till the next time and do that in the early morning coolness.
  well all, got to go. Hope you enjoy the update :O) 
Be safe all :O)
oh yea. p.s.  My aunt and uncle went to AZ this last winter and we run their concentrates the other day and found gold in it :O)  yahoo to Peggy Gary and Matt for finding some gold.  Always happy to see someone be successful at gold prospecting and finding some color.