Sunday, February 19, 2017


  Well hello all, its been way too long since I have let you all know what I have been up too.  Actually, I haven't been up to much but doing a lot of running. I have been neglecting a lot of things that I have been wanting to do and get done around here.  No ones fault just have been doing other things.
  The chickens are doing really good, they have been laying eggs regularly. Iv been enjoying them a lot :O)  I have to get rid of one of the roosters, they are fighting over the chicks and disrupting the zen of the chic house.  My farmer neibor buddy needs a rooster so I guess one of them will be going to live there.  The chickens are allot of fun to watch, just wish they would stop popping on the porch, going to have to make a fence to stop that I think.  Going to be buying some more chickens soon, need about 6 more and I will be happy lol
  Work has been going pretty good, rebuilding a lot of roads lately.  They need it, some of my roads on the route don't have ditches anymore.  Been trimming tree limbs too on the route. Some of my roads don't look the same at all. Starting to look pretty good. 
  In some other news, I now have a puppy :O) her name is Pno lol  I know, odd name but I like it. She is a mixed breed, she is part jack Russell terrier, part chiwawa and English bulldog and I thing some others might be in there too but she looks mostly like a jack Russell so far.  Pretty smart, Ive taught her to sit, lay, stand on her hind legs, and too fetch.  she's a pretty cool dog so far lol   She will actually crawl into the shower with me on her own, to be with me I guess but sometimes we take a shower together lol sounds strange but that's the way it is. She enjoys it.  No sticky dog here.
  So far she gets along with the chickens too, every once in a while she acts like she's going to maybe chance them but doesn't. will be keeping a eye on her for sure. She likes to travel in the truck or even in the grader lol took her to work one day and she done really good. Wont be making a habit out of that but it was nice having her in there with me.
  Went and got a bunch of older telephone poles yesterday, thanks for your help RO.  There was a lot more there than I had thought, its a load and a half lol also stopped and picked up two big rocks out of the road ditch as well. Going to be using them in the land scaping project for the front yard one of these days. Now that I have the poles home I can get busy on the lean-to. Got pretty much everything I need now to get it built. will be nice to have more room to store stuff like the tractor and the extra lumber I have saved up. That way I can get my work shop organized finally.
  Going to be getting started on the goat pens as well. maybe I will get them don't this year. I'm also going to build a extra pen on the north side of the property. Its going to be a pig pen. Got to have pigs to have bacon :O) and pork chops, pork cutlets,  sausage :O)  I've been catching some pork sales at the grocery store lately, been using the tenderizer I got from Howard quite a bit here lately. works really nice :O)
  I bought a old antique cubbored last weekend on my way back from Kansas city, shouldn't have but I did. Its been used and even abused some but all that is just character to me :O)  ;It looks really good in the kitchen.  I found it on offerup :O) I really like that app.  There are so many things for sale and a lot of its really cheap. I have even sold some stuff on there as well.
  In other news I have been working on the short wall around the kitchen, I have finally got the sheet rock all mudded and sanded now, now just to paint it lol hopefully that doesn't take me 3 yrs lol  yes, I can really drag my feet with some projects. 
  went out today and cut back a bunch of the tree limbs along the yard so I done have to dodge them on the tractor when I'm mowing this year. pushed them all into the brush pile for burning later on.  started pushing up a lot of the old trees that had fallen down among the other trees, just cleaning up the tree ine some. get it ready to plant some trees in place of the dead ones so I can keep the wind break going for the place.  Cleaned up the garden area today and yesterday,  getting it ready for spring planting :O)  Going to till up some extra ground this year, I've had two gardens basically but this year I am going to till up the area between the two of them. Going to be one big garden.  I'm going to try a new way to plant tators this year, going to plant them in a wire cage in layers, saw it on pentrist.
  I have two grader tires now as well, going to cut the sidewall out of one side of them and fill with dirt to make some raised beds. Getting tired of bending over all the time and it hurts too much to get down on my knees anymore as well. Its not much fun to be getting older and to have a medical issue that there is no cure for.  One that has no rhyme or reason either.  some days are good ( I say good but that just means that I'm able to get around better than the other days.)  Here lately its been really kicking my ass.  I'm not whining about it, just getting tired of it. Some days all I can seem to get done is go to work and get my job done. Come home and sleep or not sleep. sometimes sleep just isn't in the works.  Just have to Keep on Keeping on like Joe Dirt says lol
  well, its late. Going to bed.   talk later to you all.   Be safe :O)