Sunday, December 17, 2017

 Hey all, its really been along time this time. Just got on here to say hi and let you all know that i am still alive. just so very busy with life. It thru us a curve ball back in june of this year. Mom had another stroke, wasnt a pretty one at all. She lost use of her left arm and leg but she has had months of therapy and she has gained back most of her movements but her arm is very weak, Her leg works mostly but she has problems with her lower leg. She cant use her ankle or foot much at all but she has learned how to walk even with that not working properly. Unfortunantly, her balance is off too much for her to be on her own doing things. She can use a walking fine but we have to be there holding her saftey belt just incase or rather when she losses  balance.  She is in a nursing home which she does not like but she cant be at home. She requires more help than what we can give her at home as well. Sadly. 
  For the most [art she is really chipper and doesnt get to depressed for the most part. There are days though that are not so good.  Its been a very chalenging time for her..  She wants to come home but Im not sure if that will happen. She did come home for 6 days a while back but she lost her balance several times a crashed, the last time she did she fell on the walker and bent it up and cracked two ribs. She went to the hospital and found out the ribs and that she had pnumonia, went and stayed in the hospital and while there we talked and she said that it was time to go back to the resthome. I told her that if she got her balnce back and was able to do all the things at the rest home that she would need to do at home to live there then she could come home again.  She said that would be great but we both knew that she wouldnt be coming back home. Maybe there is a chanace for her too but ...  If she does then that would be great :O)

  In other news, The graci dog has gotten over trying to kill or pluck the feathers off the chickens for the most part, yay.  still working with her but she has made great progress, exspecially after Greg the younger rooster gave her a pecking lol didnt hurt her but she sure thought it was not right for that rooster to be mean to her, not once but twice. she has a new found respect for them now..
  Okay, have to cut this short, again. But will be back on since I have new a computer that I get to use :O) 
Hope all is well out there. I hope all your dreams are coming true and happyness has found each and everyone :O)   
Be safe all :O)