Sunday, July 28, 2013


A person should really pay attention to the sewer drain pipes sticking up out of the concrete floor..  

things I have been up too.

The wall dividing the kitchen from the bedroom. not quite finished yet :O)

The begging of getting ready to make a hole in a perfectly good wall  lol

give a red neck a saw saw and a skill saw and he can do anything :O)  Nephew helping me for the day. or was it me helping my nephew for the day?  :O)

Tadaa!!!   a hole!

The bedroom window and kitchen window installed.

looking good :O)

One day while I was working on the house I happened to notice something moving in the yard.  upon closer inspection this big guy is what I found...

water bottle is there for a size reference.  was pretty big.  When I first saw him he was headed to the southwest. I walked around him 4 times making him turn circles to keep me in sight. I stopped with him facing northeast, the way he had come from and be danged if he didn't turn back around and head back south West!!  He new where he was going too I guess lol