Sunday, October 13, 2013

oh my :O) its been a while.

 Well to begin with, no I'm not dead :O)  
I have been busy though, between work and the shouse I don't have a lot of time anymore :O)  But things are coming together with the house. The spray in insulation guy will be here this week to spray the roof ceiling and the three wall on the inside :O)  yay!!!!!!!!!!!   Once that is done I could by all rights "move" into it.  Not going to though, going to wait so I can get the ceiling put in and get all the walls sheet rocked as well. Debating rather to wait until I get done with the mudding of the joints and screw dimples and painted or just say piss on it and move in and work around things as I go :O)  Really getting excited about getting moved in.
Nothing has really changed for me, still doing the same schedule, work, work and oh yea, :O) more work.   Been really busy at work, everyone is trying to get all their concrete work done before bad weather sets in so that makes us busy trying to keep their rock bins and sand full. Makes for a good paycheck but short days to get things done on the shouse.
this is the first load of sheet rock, so far I have put up  28 sheets.

The very first (actually second ) sheet that I cut and hung.  Yes, I messed up on the first one, put a perfectly good plug inn hole right almost where it needed to be lol  when I sat it up there and realized what I had done (cut on the wrong side of the line) I thought to myself that this is not the way to start out sheet rocking....

standing in the bedroom taking a pic into the bathroom.

standing in the wood stove area.


standing at the front door, kitchen will be too the right, and the living room is too the left.  doorway on the left is too the bath room and the doorway straight in front goes into the bedroom.

pantry and closet plus storage.

oops,  just a repeat pic.

I found these imprints in the  osb board I was using for a work table. guess someone forgot to pick up some bolts after they had works on the press..  thought it was neat.

In other unrelated things, the other day I was driving to the quarry and I saw hundreds, and I mean hundreds with no exaggerations of hawks, they were on both sides of the road in a cut bean field.
They were all facing south for the most part. I had never in my life saw that many hawks gathered together in one spot ever. Tried taking some pics with my phone but they didn't come out very good.