Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hi :O)

Hey all . I am still alive and kicking.  Haven't really been up to much, just work work and more work. I do have alittle new though. I bought a washer and dryer for the house .  :O)  Now I can do laundry at my very own house. Right now its a exciting being able to do laundry but give me a few month and its going to be a different story lol  In the process of scrounging up some pipes to make me a cloths line outside too. No need to heat the house up even more this summer drying cloths inside than I have too.  Besides that I like the way cloths smell and feel after being dried outside :O)
I live on a gravel road but with the very few cars that go by in a day it wont hurt a thing.
  Yesterday was my daughters Birthday, she is 29 now.  Happy Birthday Heather.
  I have gotten the garden ready for planting, hope to have a good one this year. wont be a lot of stuff, corn, tomatoes, radishes, squash, some peas and carrots maybe,  don't want to get all crazy with it since I wont have a lot of time to keep on top of it. I don't like a weed patch garden.  I'm also planting a asparagus patch too. 
  Like I said, really haven't been up to much at all just working to pay for the washer and dryer and putting some in the coffee can :)  
My aunt  whom I love very very much lol  told me that she would teach me how to can everything too. They had chicken on sale the other day, I should of bought a bunch of it but didn't have extra money at the time.  Next time I will and I'll have her help me :O)  well people, I'm just rambling so I will talk with you all later, I will be getting the Internet hooked up at my place one of these days and then I can keep up with my blog a lot better. until then :O) be safe all.