Saturday, April 30, 2011

a word about my aunt peggy

My aunt Peggy is a very special lady, She found out a few yrs ago that she had breast cancer. She went through treatment and beat it. Matter of a fact (if I remember this right) We took off and went for a road trip after she had her treatments. Peggy her husband me and my girlfriend at the time and my sister, we drove to vegas. That will have to be another story though. lol anyway, a few yrs ago peggy found out she had breast cancer again, this time she had to have a mastectomy. She didnt hardly even slow down, She is one tough bird!! :O) Everything thing was good for a while and then the bad news again. She went through another mastectomy. Now she is in remission again. Why am I telling you all this? Because I love her and respect her greatly!!! She tells you like it is if she cares for you and I guess thats where I get it from :O) She is being honored down in council grove tonight for being a surviver. She will be walking for awareness for cancer. I thought that I would help get her story out here for you all to read and to know just alittle bit about a great person. I also want to tell you about her husband :O) who has stood by her through this whole thing. He is a really good person too, ( I really shouldn't be saying that because now he will think that I like him :O) ) they both a great people and I love them both. Just wanted to tell you all about a couple of great people and they are my friends. :O)


I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut about my opinions!! Seems like all I do is really really piss people off when I tell them the truth that they do not want to hear.. And then .. oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink, Not even if you jump on the dumb asses head and keep it submerged!!! Just need to keep things to myself and when they get to bitchn the "poor me song" tell em not to complain to me, I don't want to hear it..... The hell of it is that "they" seem to think that everyone is totally stupid or something because of the dumb ass reasoning that "they " try to make people swallow and believe!!! I imagine that "they" will read this and be even more pissed off but oh well!!! I am tired of watchn the bull shit merry go round.
sorry all, had to let some steam off... In other news, It is getting very close to the launch date for this excursion :O) Just putting the small final finishing touches on things. going to hit the road locally for a short trip or too. Head to a lake and set up for a evening or a day, do some more touching up and then move to another lake, do some more touching up and then I am outta here :O) Really getting anxious to be going. Welll, going to get off here and do some more work. :O) later all.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry, had to get that out of the way. As some of you may remmeber, I had a rat problem in the rv awhile back. Got the rat, thought life was good. Fixed all the damage done by the rat, pretty much all new wiring in rv, all new wire on the motor , all new wires for the brake tail and turn signals. You name it I had to splice it or replace it. SO all that done I drove the rv into town to my moms old place and survived the winter. Well, the otherday I was running some new wires for my batteries in the trailer, was laying under the camper and out of the corner of my eye I saw movement from the front of the rv by the motor compartment. I layed still for a while and much to my surprise and horror, a no good rotten nasty assed rat ran from behind the rock wall up into the motor compartment with what looked like nestiong material!!!
shimied out from under and poped the hood and sure enough!!! RAT NEST BEGINNINGS!!
I jumped into the rv grabbed the 22 rifle and layed back down under the rv and waited. Sure enough, there he was. little whiskeers adn beeding eyes... Now before any of you get to feeling sorry for the nasty little wire chewing pooping peeing stinkn damn thing, I dont kill needlessly or for the "pleasure" of it. I really dont. But let me tell you that after finding wirers chewed off again and having too clean poop and rat pee up yet again, I must admitt that I did find a strange pleasure in taking the agressor out Rambo Style lol
SOOOOO, I am going to town today to get some more new plug wires so I can drive the rv again. Think i might make me a rat trap holder for under the hood and install a rat trap permenantly just for any future invasions.
Does anyone elsew have problems with rats under the hood?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


well, Dont know how to tell you all this but the aerobed meet a untimly death.... I woke up for the last time the night before last to find that the mattress had let me down yet again... (litterally) :O) went to sams club and bought a real mattress and a memory foam topper!! slept on it last night and had a good nights sleep finally. No more leaks, air pumps, or the thing slidding off the dang fold down couch... Should have went this route first but we all go through learning curves dont we? As you can see, cricket is fully injoying the new bed. :O)

Today I have been working on the galley getting it organized alittle better. Built a shelf for the microwave to sit on. Had to make it so the door could open all the way instead of hitting the sinks fauset neck. going to tweak it a bit more but this is basically how its going to be.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


the other day I took another load of junk to the scrap yard, everything went okay untill I went to start the pickup and nothing happened. figured out that the battery connection was bad so I took the plyiers and was attempting to remove the bolt to fix it and the pliers slipped off the bolt and clamped down on my finger. I was unfortunantly putting the death squeeze on it too. Not sure but I might have wet myself alittle lol but I got the beast running :O)

on another note, the other day I washed all my buckets up so I can use them on my prospecting trip. This is about half the buckets I washed. Nothing like alittle recycling huh ? 21 all together.

what kind of tree is this?

My dad found a tree just like this one along a county road that they were cutting down, got a seed from it and planted it about 7 yrs ago. this is what it grew into and what do the leaves remind you of?? lol anyway, thought it was cool and wanted to share it with you all. :O)

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Aerobed chapter revisited

As you all remember, I was looking for another bed mattress because the aero developed a hole. I was still using it with frequent times of airing it up. Being a tight ass and not going and buying something new actually!! anyway, Last night was the night for creativity and thinking out of the box. (kinda lol) I woke up around 3 am to find the bed totally flat!! and let me tell you this little coach that folds down to a bed is NOT at all comfortable to sleep on. So I tore the blankets and the sheets off, tossed the pillows and started searching for the hole. low and behold, there is was right in the middle of the bed right on a seam. about 1/2 inch long break. I figured it was dead for sure this time. So I thought what the heck, might as well try some things. What did i have to loose? you know... So I went out to the trailer and got the duct tape, masking tape, and found a spray can of 3m spray adhesive. hehe the mattress has fuzzy top so I cleaned it the best I could with some strips of duct tape to get any dust,lent or whatever off. Then I sprayed it with the 3m and then got to putting strips of duct tape on it. 2 alternated layers of it actually in about a 8 inch square over the hole!! waited for a while, aired it up about 3/4 of the way and it held air!!! waited for a bit longer, made the bed and crawled in it with cricket and patches and went back to sleep!!! I really figured I would wake up with it flat and duct tape stuck in all the wrong places but I didn't. It's still up yeehaaa!! Going to see just how long it will last :O) So now you know how to enhance the already great ability's of duct tape, 3m adhesive spray is the chit lol.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Desert Fox showed up!! :O)

Yep, it finally showed up, took it out of the box. set it up. hooked up the battery. flipped the switch and watched the spirrel wheel go round and round hehe Going to set it up again tomorrow with water and hook the pump up and get some of my gold out and see if I can recover it like it shows on tv... The honcoop high banker will be here later in the month and I will do the same thing with that too :O) But untill then, I will be playing with the destert fox getting it dialed in. Showed it to gary my prospecting partner, he was excited about it too. Have to show it too his wife peggy, told her awhile back that that was going to bew her job when they come out to colo this july. She thinks thats a great idea, concentrates, desert fox, shade, and a chair lol here some pics for those of you that havnt seen one maybe. have a great evening all :O)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

brakes, rims and tires

new tires on painted rims that need a touch up on the scuff marks. uugg

just for the record, thats the old shoes :O) the wheel seal was bad and had leaked onto the brake shoes and soaked them. I have heard that you can clean them and also that you cant get them competely clean so I decided to be safe instead of sorry. Went with new.

I finally got the tires mounted on the rims and put new brake shoes on the rv ( i need to find a name for this thing) i really had no idea how much shoes cost but I do now!! ouch. got them on and checked the bearing while I had it tore all apart and they are in great shape. no flacking or scoring at all so I am happy. Feel better with putting new pads on and getting to look things all over before I pull out in may. Headed to the mountains of colo so brakes will be a good thing :O)
Checking out the front disk brakes and repacking the front wheel bearing tomorow. And that should just about take care of everything chasis wise. oops, forgot I have to check the trailer out too. That will be allot easier though thank goodness.
Really getting excited, getting close :O) Going to take a few road trips in the rv before the actual trip. Just want to give it a shake down run to work any kinks out that may pop up. Then it will be game on ~!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather

Today is my daughters 26th birthday. I hope you have had a great day today. :)

damn air bed!!

As you can see by the title I am not real happy with the air bed I purchased awhile back. It goes flat without a cause except that is not a good product. Should have known but I had to try it. Its a "aerobed" bought it at walley world. actually it is the second one. took the first one back after about 4 weeks of fighting with that one, it got ot the point that I had to air it up in the middle of the night. This one skipped past the agravating section and went straight to flat. Its the seams that keep failing. So I guess I am going to just buy a regular mattress. Its a twin size bed, any sugestions?? priced a few and looks like for around 300 to 400 a person can get a desent one. Frustrating.... I miss my sleep number :O( lol
Other than that, I have just been fixing and remodeling a few things in the rv and the trailer. Bought a 3 inch trash pump "water pump" for the honcoop high banker that will be here mid april. really looking forward to getting it. Gathering up hoses and connection for it now. the weather has finally gotten nice around here. Thank goodness, was starting to wonder if we was ever going ot see the sun again :O) Got to go, have to mount the new tires on the rims I just sand blasted and painted. Will have to post a pic for you all. :O) later