Wednesday, July 29, 2015

creating another monthly bill but worth it :O)

  Well I am back again, I will be making regular posts now. I have gotten the Internet into the house finally.  No more excuses for me to not be blogging about life as it is around here :O) 

 I have changed jobs, no longer am I driving a semi for hours and hours with no time for me to get much done. I feel a lot better. Miss the money but money is not everything.  It is rather exciting to make yet another step in the right direction.  Might be backwards but its a direction lol 

 The garden has been growing, the corn not so much and what did grow the deer or the coons have promptly ate..  The zucchini, cucumbers, cantaloupe and tomatoes are doing really good. Been giving mom the zucchini so she can make her zucchini bread, I'm hoping that I get some, I'm out. 

 Just sitting here typing away and thought to myself that I may have created another monthly bill but I can see the world again even if it is only from my lazy boy recliner :O)  No more running to the library, no more having to "Go" places to borrow the Internet. I can just sit here in my own house that I have built with my two hands and surf to my hearts content :O)  I can even sit here in my underwear if I want lol   Patches doesn't mind.   anyway.

  I have so many pics to upload on here, I believe It should be my next post. Will take some time to download them and then make a comment about each picture. Might even wait for the weekend to do that.

 Going to go cook some supper and then water the garden, got  a shower this morning but not enough. Be back soon :O) Be safe .