Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New toys :O)

Cut a load of wood the otherday with my nephew, cut a load of small stuff for me then we cut some bigger wood for his stove. Was a pretty good day :O)  Had lunch at the Panda kitchen,  goooood stuff :O)  
this is the log splitter that a friend and I went together and bought,  Yes :O) it has flat tires but its nothing that a couple of inner tubes wont fix.  It works great I might add.  I priced a new one, 1100.00 new. We paid 500.00 for it and its practicaly brand new.  Will sure make cutting wood a lot eiasier. I will be able to cut bigger pieces, bring them home and split them up.  Nice :O I'm still going to cut my "pancakes" for the long night slow burn pieces.  My pancakes are pieces that I had been cutting out of the bigger trunks but I would only cut them about 4 inches thick. I would toss one of those in the stove at the end of the day before going to bed, they would smolder till morning and all I have to do is toss some smaller pieces in in the morning and the stove would be burning again.  Works out pretty good.

This is a masonary block and brick cutting saw. I was going to make something like this but now I don't have too. Guess I exsplained this in my previous post.  oops lol  anyway, heres the picture of it. 100.00.  The blade itself is worth a lot more than that, it in really good condition. I have a spare that I have had for a long time too.  I have a blade that is four feet across as well. Going to make a BIG rock saw with that one.
TA DAH :O)  
This is the newest and one of the best additions for the tractor. I am so happy about this one. It mounts right too the rear of my tractor and makes in into a backhoe :O)  Sure will cut down on a lot of shovel work lol  My friends dad had it and we made a deal that if I got his tractor sold and painted his old motorcycles gas tank and fenders plus if they need a water line or something dug I am to do it for them.   I  cant wait for the ground to thaw out so I can dig a hole with it lol   I am planning on having some side jobs with it to make some extra money. Plus now I can put in some more water lines, dig some footings, dig a root cellar/storm shelter  :O)  Granted its not going to be as strong as a regular back hoe but Im sure it will do what I need to do :O)  all ready on the lookout for a rock bucket and designing a rock ripper for just in case. I will bore you all with more pictures of it I am sure lol

The seat sits just behind the controls, its in the garage out of the weather. I need to get my lean to shed built so I can park it inside out of the weather with the rest of my equipment. tiller and mower deck.   Will park the log splitter in the lean to as well.  Its probably one of the next big projects to get done this spring.

Random picture, I was blading on my route and came across this in the back of the pickup, Its a little kid helicopter ride. I can remember one like this infront of falleys grocery store in junction city back in the day. Just thought it was neet and it brought back childhood memory's :O)  thought I would share it.

The fat cat says Hi :O)  Yes people, she is wintering very well.  She has a lot of extra "insulation"  lol


Its been getting really nice the last couple of days, its going to be in the fifties tomorrow and almost 60 by Friday.  Not typical weather for winter that for sure but I will take it. The snow is pretty much all gone but we might get some next week. Going to get colder again and rain/snow chances are being called for.
This morning it was still froze so we burnt some brush piles then I got to blade this afternoon. I was working on one of my main roads and one of the semi cattle haulers stopped me and told me that they sure liked my roads. Made me feel good to be told that, Its nice to be appreciated. At least for now lol
I do take pride in my roads out here.  The person before me at this job didn't to my understanding.  When Im not blading Im trimming trees along the routes, cutting the limbs back so they don't hit vehicles or my grader when going past them.  Got a lot to cut and trim lol  a lot.....   Oh well, job security. 
I still have to finish the main gate/fence entrance to my place, waiting for the ground to thaw out so I can. Im making a receased gate entrance so people don't have to get out to open the gates to pull into my driveway, They/me will be able to pull into the driveway and park at the gate off the road. There will be a small walk through gate to get into the yard and too the door of the house. Hope I explained that good enough :O)  there will be pictures of it later.
well, I just ran out of things to talk about for now lol   Take care and be safe all :O)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Catching up

  Hey all :O)  hope everyone has been good, I have been busy. Work mostly and around here some. Been cutting wood for the stove, a lot of work but its worth it :O)  The other day a buddy called me up and asked if I wanted to go in halves with him on a log splitter. It was a bargain that's for sure, 250 each and it is almost brand new. Only 22 ton splitting force but its good enough for what we want to split. I went and picked it up last Monday, while there I saw a masonry cement block/brick saw. Long story short, I bought it for 100.00 dollars, its worth a lot more than that.  I had been thinking about buying the parts for building one but now all I have to do is replace a electric switch and start making pet watering troughs out of lime stone rocks.  Back to the log splitter, I got it home and put some fresh gas in it and it fired up :O)  let it warm up then split a bunch of wood. worked flawlessly.
  The only thing that need to be fixed is to put tubes in the tires, they are flat and wont air up so the tubes will be the way to fix that.  Going to buy some this weekend to get that done.
  The weather has been cold here and last night and this morning it snowed, had to go into work early today (6 am) to clear roads. Got to work and figured I better top it off with diesel fuel. Only needed about 10 gallons, started filling it up and I bumped the filler hose, yes, it got ugly real fast. The nozzle flew out of the tank and sprayed fuel all over the place. Including all over me.  Yes, it was a wreck.  Good thing I only live 6.5 miles from work. I drove back home changed cloths, sprayed shout all over them then took a shower.  Got dressed again and went back to work, again lol  The rest of the day was uneventful thankfully. 
       Got to cut this short all.   be safe :O)  

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Forgot that I had taken some pictures of some things :O)
I was blading one of my roads (Road grader in back ground of pic)  and I happened to see this hedgeball in the birds nest. Mind you, there is not a hedge tree for about 1/2 a mile so How it got to be here in the nest is anybodys guess :O)  Imagine if it was spring and the bird that would of come back to the nest to find that in there lol 
This is Woody lol   A friend sent me a picture of some similiarly made "snowmen"  one day so I had all these wood pieces laying around at my work so I made one myself :O)  He's my night watchman lol   The "face" is actually just bore hole from carpenter ants.  Looks kinda like a face if you close one eye and squint really hard with the other one with the sun at the right angle :O)

We we're burning brush and I went for a short walk along the creek at lunch time one day and found this spring coming out of the side of the hill.  Pretty cool I thought.

This is Toby, Hes my aunt and uncles dog. He actually only has one ear, he was born that way. Good dog, he comes down to say hi when ever he hears me outside banging around on things. He is a rat killer :O)  Never sits still hardly ever. always on the go tracking critters all over the place.

This is the woven wire unspooling thing I made the other day. works great.

Here it is with a spool of wire, I welded a piece of steel on the top so I could use the tractor to carry it around as you can see. Work smart when you can I say :O)

This is the proto type that failed lol  I learned that you shouldn't weld a disk blade to anything or anything too a disk blade. The steel is to brittle and it will break right beside your welds. It was working fine until I set it down to hard and at a angle with the wire spool on it. It collapsed like a deck of cards. So :O) it was back to the shop to repair it properly. I welded a piece of strap iron across the base and then welded the pipe to the strap iron, used the torch to cut a hole big enough to slide the disk over the pipe to rest on the strap iron. works good now and it wont fall apart either :O)

It was built out of all recycled metal :O) 
got to go, have a great day all :O)

its cold lol

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a happy but safe new years :O) 
I didn't realize its been so long since I have been on here to update things. I have finally finished the perimeter fence!!!  Yay, still have to put the gates on but at least the fence is done. I have to build the pens though, not sure if I'm going to build just two larger ones or make three medium sized ones.  Probably just two.  Its been a while since I have built fences so the cost is quite a bit more.  Allot more actually lol  It sure looks good, even if I do say so myself.   Isn't it funny though, that some people just have to point out the things you have done wrong when your building things instead of just complementing a person on their hard work and perseverance?   Oh well :O) if that's what it takes for them to feel better about themselves then so be it :O)
Winter has shown up, again.  Its about -2 outside with the wind chill according to the weather man.
and I thought it was cold yesterday lol I believe that today is going to be a homemade bread day.  I haven't made any for a while, not that I have been to busy.  Work has been slow since its been rainy and sometimes freezing cold. Cant blade the roads when the gravel is froze, you can try but most of the time its just a mess. The gravel just gets pushed across the road in big chunks. 
We've been burning brush piles that we have accumulated while keeping the roads clear after wind storms or ice storms, Its busy work. Boring Boring Boring lol  But its work though. :O)  The rats don't like it either.
Oh yea, how about the power ball?  wow. and yes :O) I have bought a couple tickets trying my luck out :O)  so far I have yet to get even one number let alone all of them too win lol    Its amazing to see all these people spending so much money on tickets. I buy one, that's all it will take :O)  If nothing else its nice to have that hopeful feeling for a day or two :O) 
I need to get to splitting some wood that I have cut down, Been debating about getting a log splitter, just haven't talked myself into getting one yet.  I should just go get one, its not like it wont be used lol and it would make things easier.  I'm still burning wood from last year, but Im getting to the bottom of the pile :O( 
I've been straightening and organizing the work shop. again.  I must be a walking disaster lol  I will clean and organize things but as soon as I do something in it its a mess again.. I put my tools back but I drag stuff home or drag it into the shop to build something or fix something and it just multiplies.  And I save all the little pieces, who knows when they will come in handy when Im fixing something else later.  I'm turning into my father lol  he used to save everything too, I would bitch and moan about all the "Junk" and he would say the same thing that I tell people now "You never know when you might just need that piece for something else" :O)    I just need a bigger shop :O)
  In other news, here a while back I started playing video games online, namely xbox games. Yes :O) Im a gamer from way back when. I remember pong, asteroids, pacman, donkeykong, Atari, Sega, play station, just to name a few games and game consoles :O)  Showing my age lol
  Its really amazing the advances they have made in the gaming industry, The stuff they have today is amazing.  But anyway, I am on xbox live now. Wow :O)  Theres a few games that I really enjoy, some of the others are just to much for me and I "Die" a lot.  Nothing worse then getting your butt kicked by a ten year old lol 
Well all, got to get busy doing something, Think I will make that bread :O) 
Be safe all :O)