Monday, July 25, 2016


Its not worth turning the news on anymore, I turn it on to see the weather report. That's about it anymore, if I want to get depressed, irritated, distressed or angered I watch the national/world news.
 Its just sad and disheartening. I am so glad that I live here in the middle of nowhere and living the life style that I am. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

getting better at windows 10 grrrr

I'm not sure how I did it but I found the missing pictures lol
This is just some of the vegetables that I have picked out of the garden, I do believe the cow manure helped out the garden.

just a picture of the future goat pen area with all the different flowers :O)

We went to GOJO'S  in KC a few days back, I had never been there before. For those of you that lead rather sheltered lives such as myself lol its a Japanese restaurant  that cooks the food right in front of you. It was a rather cool experience, food was ok. I honestly thought it was going to be a better eating experience, don't get me wrong it wasn't bad but it just wasn't what I thought it would be.  This was our cook.     No, he doesn't look very Japanese lol  

so how many out there remember the looks of this tire and rim ?  lol  its really a blast from the past :O)  

I was running around in this the other day while chip sealing in white city.  was a fun and relaxing day it was :O)

was told to run this today, never ran one as new as this before. Its got a lot of electronic stuff on it. I found out if you push and pull enough switches and knobs you can make anything work lol

this was supper last night with some of todays supper tossed in there too :O)  tin foiled stuff was new potatoes and two big baked taters :O)

this was at GOJO"S , some of the food that was prepared for us.

trying to catch wild critters..

this is a fruit mix that I made up the other day, it is soooo good,  watermelon, cantaloupe, two different types of seedless grapes, blue berries, strawberry's and just a touch of sugar but its really good without the sugar as well :O)

a duplicate grrrr  stupid windows 10, or it might be me.   surely not me lol

Found this cast iron pot thingy the other day, figured it would make a flower pot or something. Or it will be extra weight in the junk trailer :O)

hope you all enjoyed the photos, still haven't found the ones of the little baby possums that I have been trapping lately.  Live traps that is.  But I do drive them a few miles away before releasing them. 
Be safe all :O)  talk again soon :O)

July 18th 2016

  So how has everyone been? I hope great. Iv been busy but not busy enough on the place.  The garden is producing Squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, corn,  cantaloupe and of course the wide varity of weeds and stickers. I do really good for most of the spring and into the summer on keeping the weeds under control but when it gets really hot I kind of go into the "its too freaking hot" mode lol  Plus like I said a while back my computer updated to windows 10. windows 10 is a off spring of a demon spawned malignant creature of much hate and discontent.....  I do not like it.  at all.  I really really don't.   
Did I tell you that I really don't like windows 10? Just making sure I did .....  grrrr

  So anyway, if been cleaning on the shop, getting stuff out of the storage shed since I have been getting more organized in the shop. There is a lot of things in there that I have not used since 2010. Some because I couldn't get to it but needed it, other things I just have no need for it and I'm going to take it either to a auction place or put it on craigslist or offer up.  either way I'm getting rid of some stuff.
  We are chip sealing (spray with tar and then spread small pebbles onto the tar) roads at work again, its that time of year. Dirty hot work. I'm running the broom (motor driven sweeper ) I actually volunteered for it, I would rather be hot and sweaty but have a breeze verses sitting there in the sun being very miserable and no breeze.  The guys think that I'm nuts for volunteering but at least I can create my own breeze and broom it in a way that I eat very little dust. Sure there are the times that it cant be helped and I get in the dust and I have to take two showers back to back when I get home lol but its really not to often that that happens. Just so happens that today was a dusty day though :O( 
  Iv been slowly working on the fence, it almost done, one small piece of fencing and another small piece at the drive way and it will be done. except the goat pens, but I have put in a corner post the other day. I'm out of wood posts but Iv got a bead on some more, just have to go cut them to length and haul them home. Been meaning too for quite some time now but just haven't gotten too it.  I need roughly 12 more just to get started good on the pens, uggg. It never seems to end lol
  Been grilling a lot, it sure is nice to have a nice grill again :O)  it works really nicely. I made some of the best pork chops the other night, amazingly good actually. I probably wont be able to make them that good ever again lol 
  I still have two chickens. Roosters. I call them many names actually, Dumb and Dumber, Red, Lloyd, but the one that seems to come out the most is Rat Bastards...   They are pooping monster machines....  Seriously, since I have poured the porch its the only place they want to poop now.  went to Kansas city for a few days and when I got back they had pooped 143 times on the porch.....   Really!!!  I'm going to paint a bingo card on my porch, that way I can play chicken poop bingo...  anyone want to play along?   lol

this is one of the squash plants, that flower is about as big as my hand. 

See? I wasn't kidding about the chicken poop....  Anyone ready to play the chicken poop bingo game? lol 

this sadly is a combine,  This is what happens when it gets hit by a train. Sadly, the operator of the combine didn't survive :(  He was a local guy that I have known since I was a little kid.  RIP.

This is actually the operators compartment, He was actually thrown from the combine on impact. 

It was weird for me to hear about this the next morning, I had actually met him on the gravel road when I was headed home that day about 5 minutes before he was hit by the train.  I was most likely the last person he saw.  Its a sobering deal, you never know from one moment to the next which one will be your last....   

Mom and my nieces daughter at the family reunion :O) 

My nieces son :O) such a little cutie :O) 

I saw this and had to take a picture :O)  mom her great grand kids. I thought it was neat that they are stair stepped in sizes. 

Okay, I was messing around in the garage again and this is what came out of it lol
I was told that its a spider bird lol

and here is Patches :O) 

Bought some LED lights a while back and put them up under the porch, I wanted blue but they didn't have any in that length. Its not as bright as the porch lights are but its not the soft light that I was looking for.   Maybe next time they will have the blue :O) 
As you can see I was having a tough day at work lol

Oh yea, the chicken pvc pipe cage thingy I made a while back. Don't make one like that, at least don't use the schedule 40 3/4 pipe. Its not sturdy enough for the Kansas winds or the chickens roosting on the top bar.  Its a good design but just make sure to use the schedule 80 one inch pipe. It would be a lot better that way.  Just wanted to give that update so no one else would make the same =mistake that I did :O(

This is a much better picture of the squash plant flower :O)  I thought it was really pretty as well.

this is some of the flowers that we bought and hung up on the porch to help attract the humming birds. It has worked actually, we have at least two female humming birds that regularly feed her at the porch.

Just a plant that we put on the antique pedal tractor on the porch, going to put a shelf where the motor is supposed to be and put a flower on each side. should look really cute.

I think I have posted this picture before :O(

Made this seat for the front porch as well. I don't know what old implement the seat came off of but I'm thinking it was a horse drawn piece. Maybe?

This is one of the two humming bird feeders that's hanging on the front porch,  Have I said lately just how much I really enjoy the front porch? I love it actually :O) I have always wanted a big porch and now I have one. Its actually starting to be a little smaller with the stuff I have been putting on it too lol  Might have to put a addition on the porch one of these days :O)
I love sitting out there in the early morning hours or the evenings watching the birds and animals in the yard. There are many different breeds of birds that go to the feeders and bird bath. Sometimes deer even walk down the road in front of the house. Rabbits scamper all around, a few squirrels and stupid possums too.  I haven't seen the ground hog this year though, wonder if its still around?

This is Shane on the left,  I took this picture on fathers day at the reunion. Little did any of use know that just a few short days later he wouldn't be with us any longer.  He was riding his mountain bike and got hit by a vehicle.    RIP Shane, you are missed by many.

just a random pic of some flowers in my yard :O)

Well all, going to get off here and eat some supper. Sorry that its been so long between posts but I am still here and I will keep posting as long as I'm able :O)  I will be posting some more pictures as soon as I figure out where and what windows 10 has done with them.    
  Be safe all :O) and make each day count as if its your last day :O)