Friday, September 26, 2014

Catching up

  Hey there everyone :O)  Finally got some time to up date.  Iv been working like crazy this summer, gotta make that money you know. That is honestly just about all I have gotten done this summer besides mowing the yard and trimming, which I bought a new weed eater. Its a stihl :O)  love it, best weed eater I have ever owned so far. Will wait and see though, I bought a weed eater from walmart once and it out lasted two relationships for me lol  bought it in 1991 and its still running today as far as in know. my ex wife gave it away to one of her friends after it tried to eat her leg off.  hehe   

 Anyway, the garden worked out pretty good this year. got some corn, banana peppers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and tried with the cucumbers but they didn't make it for some reason.  Its all tilled up and ready for some cow manure now, just have to go get it from my farmer buddy. 

  I'm sitting here at the truck tire shop getting a steer tire put on, keep wearing out the passenger side tire on this thing. Have had it in the shop several times for alignments and repairs but it keeps wearing them out.  Soon as its done its back to work hauling rock and sand to the ready mix plants. Little circles and big circles.
  Think I might have to buy a chain saw this year too, might as well try out a stihl. Got plenty of trees to cut down this winter, for some reason the black locust trees around here have been died off the last few yrs.  cant see any bugs boring into them or anything but they have practically all died on my place. Still have plenty of other live trees but still. 

Didn't make it to Colo this year or any where else for that matter :O(  Haven't been anywhere since 2012. getting really itchy feet too.  this job crap is for the birds lol  I actually bought a lottery ticket the other day, first one in several yrs. As you noticed earlier I said I was at work so no, I didn't win lol   Might try again in a few yrs again. 

  I have some pics that I really need to post on here but the connection I have is not very good, or else I would bomb you all with allot of pictures..  Sure glad its Friday, been yet another long week. Looking forward to winter and having some time off from work, I'm thinking a good old fashion cold and snowy winter would be good :O)   sitting by the wood stove listening to it crackle and watching it snow outside, doing some wild rabbit hunting for something different to eat besides store bought stuff.  Watching some old reruns on TV and catching a nap or two :O)   I might even work on the house some lol   so glad that fall has arrived, I'm getting to the point where I just about cant tolerate the heat of summer anymore.  that's when I missed traveling the most, knowing full well that out west there are mountains and cooler temps at the higher elevations.  

 Just ate at my favorite Korean restraint :O)  Pusan restraint :O)  makes the best bulgogi around here...  And the lady that owns it (for 32 years) is so very friendly. We talk garden stuff while I eat. She even gives me seeds to plant in my garden.  Very very nice lady.  you ever get to junction city Kansas, the place is on north Washington street west side of street by the muffler shop :O)

  Well, guess its time for me to make my way home and do some stuff around there, don't get much accomplished during the week, not with working 12 and sometimes 14 hrs a day :O(    I'm thinking I better finish up with my water drainage project, rained the other night and right now I am a pretty good pond builder in front of the house lol   

                                                Be safe all :O)   talk later with ya.