Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back country road Memories

I got up this morning feeling pretty good and decided that I would run too town and deposit some money and do some other errands as well. Took a shower, got in the car and headed out.
  Half way to town I decided to cut off onto a gravel road that I hadn't been on in a long while.
  I went up by a pond that is huge and its a spring fed pond as well. Perfect for swimming in, just as clear as a public swimming pool. We used to go here all the time back in my youthful days :O) many a times I went to this place to cool off during the hot summers and even a few nights as well :O)
I stopped and looked at it from a memories point of few, catching the worlds largest bass (at least I thought that at the time) having camp fires and drinking beer with friends.  Swimming and swinging off the tree rope that we never did figure out who was brave enough to climb the tree to tie the rope into let alone go off the first time. Damn but it was way up there lol  Swinging off it the first time in your life was a terrifying experience to say the least lol.
 One summer particularly sticks out in my mind though, it was a summer of cruzin, girls, and beer lol  what a summer it was people :O)  Mike and I still talk about that summer, its a wonder we didn't get hurt maimed or just out right killed with some of the shit we did lol  But that is part of growning up isn't it? Finding out who you are?
  So on down the road I went, Went by the place we used to ride our atv's back in the trees and by the creek. Sometimes we didn't miss the trees.
  On down the road  I came to the place of a lot of childhood memories, mom and dad had some friends on this road, we used to go over there quite a bit when I was about 7 or 8. they would play cards and us kids would go out and have a blast in the wilds of the country :O)  One time in particular, we went way back in the trees and pasture to a pond that Gary and don knew about. Yep, it was summer and hot so we all decided to go swimming. Would have been nice if I knew how to swim lol  Nope, obviously I didn't drone but my god I sure was scared out of my mind thought that I was going too. as I drove by today and looked up the draw where the pond is you wouldn't even know its there because of all the brush that's growed up around it. Wonder how many people actually know its there?
  On down the road about 1/2 a mile is a old RR bridge over the creek, good fishing hole. My dad , cousin Jay and I went up there one week end to set bank lines and too camp for the weekend.  We were there having a good time when my wife pulled up on the bridge and honked her horn, I went up to see what she wanted and too my utmost surprise and horror she informed me that she was leaving me. No reason or why just that she was moving back to her mothers.  Needless to say the fishing trip was over for me.  granted I was the perfect husband but who is? Some years later I asked her why she left me and you know what? She told me she didn't know why.  I imagine that at the time she had her reasons but it would have been nice to have known what it precisely was.  I will never know now, she passed away this last march, cancer.  she was 49.  It was a shock to me to hear about it,  even though we were divorced and hadn't talked in years it was still a shock. No matter how things end between people, there is still a little bit of a connection to them and when its severed by death it makes you think about things. at least for me it does.
On down the road I drove into junction city where I have spent many of years running around, working and just goofing off :O)  Bought my first bottle of whiskey here with my fake id :O)  cruised many of miles up and down sixth st. and Washington. Don't want to forget the drive inn on grant ave. Its gone now, been gone for along time but the memories are still fresh :O)  The stop light too stoplight drag races in the old 1978 firebird :O)  I bought that car when I was 17, got the bank loan all on my own too thank you very much.  still have that car too. Shes not as pretty as she used to be, rust mights have not been kind to her, sitting in storage for the time being until I get things figured out so I can take her to the body shop and make her like new again :O)  Might happen, I hope :O) 
well anyway all :O)  time to go and get back into the present. Hope I haven't bored you all to much with my memory lane drive down the country roads of the past :O) 
Talk later and be safe :O)