Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I hope that eveyone had a nice valintines day,  I hung out with my nephew and his wife for the day and most of the evening.   Thanks for the good time :O)    We had a late breakfast at Ihop then went to walmart, shot over to papa murphys to get a pizza for  later.   while at walmart I splurged and bought another game to play on their xbox.  :O)   yes, I am a gamer  lol  I have been playing since game one, pong, spaced invaders, donkeykong, nitendo, sega ect ect,  these new play stations and xboxs really have some great graphics and realisim.    not really that good at them but I enjoy it and the time I get to spend with family :O) 
                                   be safe all  :O)