Wednesday, November 30, 2011

busy day

  Been moving stuff to my place today, just a bunch of odds and ends. I then decided to move my storage trailer, had to get the old truck running, hook it up, fight the fifth wheel lock to stay locked, air up a tire, then drive it down to the property. I unhooked it all and had to fight the fifth wheel lock to get it unlocked, broke the dolly crank had to fix it in order to get it raised up enough to get out from under it with the old truck.  
 I also hauled some more dirt today, had to fill in the ditch where my driveway is going to be, leveled it all out with the tractor and packed it down good. I will hopefully haul some gravel and dump it there before the rains get here.  Need to dump aload in front of the door on the trailer so I wont be walking in mud all the time.  just going to get enough to do the job for now, will haul in allot more at a later time.
  Going to work some on my limestone name stone, it has someone Else's name on it too so I will be removing that one, not sure what the heck I will put in its place, might just leave a chipped out hole in it.  Not sure what to do to fix it lol  Don't know where I am going to put it yet either.  By the house or out by the road and the driveway or????               I will take some pics soon, I promise :O)   
   I also went into town and got some more of my stuff from my mom and dads old place, still have some more to get but need more room in the storage trailer first, so I will be building some over head storage shelf's  or a attic type thing in the trailer. will really help allot.  Will need to run some electric wires to it soon so i can have a light or two plus be able to use my power tools  hehe....
    Was looking at the doors today too,  not in very good shape actually. Going to look on craigslist and see if I can find a used garage door, would really make it more vermin proof and easier to get in and out of too.  be safe all  :O)

Friday, November 25, 2011

thanks giving

Had a great thanks giving, good food and good company, cant get any better than that.  Still working on left overs and the pies lol  ate way too much but who counts calories over the holidays?  (not me)   going to my sisters place this Sunday for another family get together.  Mom, my two sisters and most of their kids will be there.  I have to make home made rolls for the dinner, that's all they want me to bring so I am getting off easy this year :O)   
  Moved the rv today down to my property,  pretty windy today but its going to be nice staying on my own place now.  Just need to get a few more things done, like a house, a well, a work shop, some sidewalks or at least some flag stone walk ways..  going to plant a few maple trees, not sure if I should plant them this fall or wait for spring?  I have heard and read both times are perfect and the worst possible times lol  50 50 chance of success or failure lol   I'm going to plant the kind that you can get the sap from and make home made syrup.  It would be really cool to make my favorite meal (breakfast with pancakes)  and be able to use my very own home made syrup on them..  Might take a few yrs to fulfill this but I can wait (or find someone with the maple trees I need to use and make a deal with them)   have to see.
  Need to move my storage trailer  down there soon so I can get my tools out of it and rearrange things so it will be easier to use them.  My table saw and radial arm saw is almost all the way to the front of the trailer so I have to unload alot of stuff to get to them. Before I put things back in I'm going to build some over head storage so I can put alot of the lighter stuff up there out of the way so I can have more room..   Alittle bit at a time and someday it should be getting close to what I want :O)  I hope lol
   be safe all   :O)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving thanks

Hope all is having a wonderful Thanksgiving :O)

and gary says if not, then stick it in your a$$ lol       You have to know gary to appreciate his humor :O)     

  I really hope that everyone does have a great day and you get to enjoy the company of family and remember the ones that cant be there fondly.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have electricity now :O)

The power company came today and installed the pole and meter plus a disconnect box.  Going to town tomorrow and picking up a smaller breaker box to hook up some temporary 110 outlet boxes.  Got the sewer lagoon done (well, mostly done lol)  Need to get the trencher in here now and get the sewer pipe in the ground next.  while the trencher is here I will be putting in the footings and electric lines under ground as well.       Thinking about moving the RV onto the property also.  :O)    

Thursday, November 17, 2011

new toy :O)

this is a Fresnel lens out of a big screen projection tv, it just a plastic magnifying glass but it is strong.!!!  

This is whats left of the tv and you can see the mirror that I got out of it as well.
 I got it out around 4 pm and used it to burn a old dead tree, it started burning the wood immediately!!  even though the sun was low on the horizon and alittle hazy. I would sure hate to get careless with this thing.  there are allot of utube videos, that's where I learned about these  :O)  they are pretty amazing in what you can do with them.  I also got three smaller magnifying glasses (actually glass)  out of it also.    you can melt steel, cook, and just burn things up with them lol (I imagine you could wipe out a intire ant hill at just one short setting) no I'm not going to burn ants up lol....  going to be fun playing around with it. Like I said though, You have to be VERY CAREFUL with them, they will burn you instantly!!!!     will keep you all up to date about the experiments that I do with it. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little things that make you remember.

This picture looks Innocent enough but it made me sad for a little while today. Its not the trees or the building pads, or the lack of leaves on the trees.  Its the smear marks on the window that this picture was taken out of on the pickup.  You see, those "smear" marks are reminders of my baby girl cricket. She hated to be left in the truck when I would go into stores where she wasn't aloud, She would bark and raise 7 kinds of hell about being left in the truck (or any vehicle)..  She would rub her nose all over the window and leave "cricket tracks"   The pickup has them on both the windows and the rv has the same problem :O)   
  Its the little reminders that hit the hardest sometimes..   

property pics

This is going to be the shop building pad, I have a old semi van trailer that I am going to bring in and set on it. I will have to cut the axle out from under it and the dolly system to get it all the way down on the ground.  Then I will drill some post holes around it so I can build a shed over top of it and have parking for equipment out of the weather that way.  Will be pretty nice when I get it done. Will be awhile :O)     That is my tractor in the back ground, I was picking up roots from the fill dirt.

Got to love big Iron lol   This is my uncles track loader that I have been using, sure goes pretty quick using this machine for digging the dirt up and loading it into his old grain truck/dump truck. going to use it to make the sewer lagoon next.

the Grain truck/dump truck, no power steering and no ac either lol  the heater works best during the summer and you guessed it right :O)  the ac works best during the winter..

This is where I am getting the dirt from, took this pic yesterday so the hole is about double in size now.

The last few days that I have been working on the place, blue (aunt and uncles dog) has been there with me doing some work of his own.  He is in  a little pond that is on the neighbors property to the east of mine and it has abunch of frogs in it. Blue has been frog hunting the whole time and he is getting pretty good at catching them now.  he brings each one of his catches up to show me and then he burys them in the building pads that I have been building.  He's a pretty funny dog, looked around one time to see where he was and found him sitting in the pickup watching me lol   Teach me to leave the pickup door open.

Not a good picture but if you look close you can see the string line that is layed out so I can mark the ground with paint so I can trench in the footings.
things are shaping up, I am hoping that the weather holds out long enough to get the footings in at least if not the floor too.  But I will be happy with the footings and the water and sewer lines.    Hoping the electric gets put in soon, think i might move the RV down there so I can start "living" there..  Still trying to get the well driller to get out there soon but he is busy so don't know for sure when it will be.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011


  In other news, cricket is back home.  I had her cremated, the plan is to be cremated  myself when the time comes and then we will both be put in the same container. Then part of our ashes will be put on wolf creek pass with my dads and the rest will be put in the cemetery here back at home.  
  Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I should be getting home to check on cricket or that I need to take her outside to go potty.  I miss her.   Blue is better now, he has gave up looking for her for the most but I know that he still looks for her when I come out of the RV or getting out of the truck when I get home.  Such a empty spot in my life,  but I do have all my pics of her and my memories :O)   I just wish that the ex was a better person so I could have abunch of the other pictures of cricket that we took over the yrs but that will probably never happen.  

first pictures of my place

just how cool is it to live on a road that rarely ever sees a grader or traffic? 

this is looking east

Looking kinda north east at the back side of the property, just a few trees and not hardly any of them are those damned thorn trees!!!  Thank goodness.

this is looking easterly from the intersection.  Its mostly a prairie grass field. There are allot of deer that wander across the place.  Gary and I spent this afternoon hauling dirt up to make the house building pad. Going to build one for the shop tomorrow maybe.  I will take some pics  and post the progress soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Cricket 1-02-00 11-1-11

Cricket came into the family in the spring of 2000, we had decided to get a dog so we went to the pet store. I saw cricket right off the bat and new she was the one for us :O)  She was a little almost hairless little bitty thing, she was so cute.  Bk/ ex wife  wanted another dog but I stuck to my guns and we went home with cricket.  This little girl had problems right off the bat actually,   we noticed that she had tape worms so we had to get her doctored the very next day and the vet told us that she had not been taken very good care of,  it broke our hearts to think that there are people in the world that could miss treat a small little dog like this.   We got her all taken care of and she quickly became a very important part of our family.   She would go every where with us, she even flew on a jet to Florida with us on vacation once lol   That isa whole story in itself :O) 
 We took many road trips over the yrs, Colo allot,  Texas to the gulf coast,   she went every where we went.  She only missed one trip actually, we went to Colo and left her at the vets office,  what a mistake that was.  I missed cricket allot but BK missed her even more and it just about ruined the whole trip. On the way back home we called the vet to see if we could pick her up early and he said yes so we got her and realized that she wasn't making any noise when she barked.  Made all the motions but she couldn't bark anymore.  She had barked so much that she couldn't anymore.  We decided right then that if we were going to take a trip, she had to go with us!! 
  In 2005 Bk and I split and we actually had to put in the divorce papers visitation rights so we both could have cricket.  I know lol  crazy huh?  But that is just how much cricket meant to us.  Bk and I ended up getting back together  and life was more or less good again untill this last jan 2011.  Cricket came with me.  Winky and pig (crickets baby's)  they were born in 2006   I sure miss them two also.  Always wondering how they are.  anyway,   cricket and I have spent the last 9 months together almost 24/7 .   only a few hours here and there have we been apart from each other. 
  Cricket has always been there for me, waiting for me to get home or to go for a ride on the 4wheeler or to go to town for a ride.  She would even ride on the motor cycle with us :O)  should have seen peoples faces when they would realize there was this little ball of fur there with us lol
Cricket was a on the go personality.
  The picture above is what cricket was doing when we were in the rv or in the house. :O)  she wasa  master relaxer  :O)

This picture above really doesn't need any explanations about how she felt when we were on the go :O)  as long as she could have the window down and the wind in her face, She was a happy camper. She loved to be on the go as you can see :O)

This is a picture of her in new Mexico, it was a potty break.  If she wasn't  enjoying a rest  she was just enjoying a ride of one sorts or another, or she was on the prowl sniffing and exploring the area around her.  She hada nose that could sniff out anything.     She had a good life, we took better care of her than most people take care of themselves.  I found out while in colo that she had congestive heart failure problems.  
   I did everything possible to insure that she was comfortable at the end, She died at home with me holding her and comforting her, telling her that I loved her and to go find grandpa (my dad)          I am going to miss this little girl so very much.

I love you cricket


horrible night,   Cricket is gone.  She passed a couple of hours ago, the camper got instantly empty with her passing.  She was my baby girl, traveling companion, she would listen to me for hours.  Right now, I cant even think about it hardly.  My heart hurts. 
 She fought going, she just didnt have a choice.  Her will was strong but her heart wasnt.   God I miss her already so much..........    Rest in peace my baby girl