Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi all.  not alot going on around here, been making some preps for the water lines and such but just about time I can trench it will rain and then I am in the waiting game again for it to dry up..   Dont really want to play in the mud but I might just have too.  Found a old steel hog feeder bin down the road and talked to the guy that owns it and now its mine and going to be my "well house" .  
  The weather the last few days has been hot and humid.  too early for that crap...  really hopn to get the water and sewer pipes put in and the footings trenched soon.  Got to get started on the house!!   The other day I decided to clean out and organize the storage trailer so I could know where everything was and what I still had and what I didn't have anymore.  What a job that turned into lol looked like I was having a huge yard sale.   Got it about 60 %  kinda straightened out.  kinda.  but at least I can get to my tools and stuff now.  I can even get my cutting torch in and out :O)    got in out yesterday and used it to cut the base of the hog feeder off.     I did find out that there is a leak in the roof though :O(   going into town today to borrow a ladder from AJ. and get some sealant to fix it.
  On other things, going to take a weekend off in April and go on  a river float trip with the family,  should be a good time. Really looking forward to just getting away and doing some primitive camping.  so far it looks like   clayton, penny, sis angel and her husband johny, matt, donavaon, jace (sp),  and me.   should be alot of fun.  :O)  hope the weather holds out and is nice for us.
  Going to have to mow the yard soon,  wont take take long.  Tractor, brush hog and about 10 minutes lol   might have to weed it alittle so that will be about another 10 min.    Going to cut some corner posts for the lagoon.  need to get that done soon.  and to fix the fence alittle better across the property, that way I can close the gate when I leave for colo.    anyway, just wanted to say hi to all you readers and friends.  hope everyone is doing great,   be safe  :O)